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    2022 predictions

    I too think we may have some Albies again . Why ? No clue , just miss eating them. Good to can in case they starve us out next . They were easy to keep at the boat too. 2021 was not as good as the 2 previous seasons for me at least . More work getting in the way , and a big move kept me...
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    2019 MYCO custom 3 axle 28/30 ft aluminum super duty trailer 15,600 GVWR

    where are you located, and is the asking price $12K ? thanks
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    So who won the halibut tourney out of Mission Bay?

    Definitely appreciate Dana Landing putting in the effort to keep this thing going . No current didn't help , but man what weather for Thanksgiving . Nice to check out multiple areas going 40 mph. The lackluster results made me feel slightly better about my halibut catch rates in 20-21. I...
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    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    Way to give it a hell of an effort . Appreciate the info Jeff
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    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    It's always something for all of us . But worth it .
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    Grass fouled prop

    I'd say you're good to go . No fishing line and clean gear case oil . Gear case oil probably lasts longer than 100 hours, but I believe the maintenance interval is there to spot a potential problem before it starts eating stuff . Enjoy your season .
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    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    Thanks Rob
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    are Shimao TranX a bust?

    I borrowed a Tranx 500 HG and after casting poppers a country mile , had to have one. Maybe i'm a tard and need to practice with my other set ups, but i really like them. Bought the 500 PG and you really have to crank that thing to make some jigs swim , but that's OK. Landed a 60 # BFT and...
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    Some recent windward buoy action

    Nice vid Interesting to see how it's done in different locales .
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    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    Great comprehensive report and pics Setting the bar pretty high .
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    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    That's not helpful Carl
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    Transducer test Airmar TDT 1000

    Anyone have an Airmar TDT 1000 I could hook up to my B275 and check if it's working right? Hoping someone in SD has one or knows an electronic guy who does. Willing to pay , rent, leave big deposit , or stop by with my rig on the trailer. Had my MFDs set to come on with the battery switch...
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    Islands Nado yellows

    Nice work Mike Thanks for the info
  14. Solas Stainless Pair of props + 2 Alum Volvo props

    Solas Stainless Pair of props + 2 Alum Volvo props

    Pair of counter rotating SS Solas Lexor props 15 spline RH & LH $350 for the pair. $200 for a single Michigan 15 x 19 Right hand AL short hub for VP New till I grazed the bottom on a test run . Still fine , see pics $100 Old Aluminum prop with good hub short hub for VP $25 Pm Lou to meet...