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    11/16/2019 Full speed yt and yft

    Life is good.....full speed on small yt and 30 to 50 lb. yft.... 21/46. Paddie. Limits of small yt. 5 yft about 30 to 40 lbs. lost 4 fish on 50 lb test. Entire fleet in this zone. Water temp 65.4. Seas were calm. Got called in by Samantha Marie to slide into their school since they were plugged...
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    Mackerel Man is Back! - 7/22 Coronados

    Where exactly did you find the large sperm sack?
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    SOLD iCom M602 w/ HM-127B

    I'm selling my iCom 602 with the HM-127B mic.... I have changed my electronics and don't need this unit. Works great! Asking $250.
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    SCI Hunt

    I don't roll that way either.....just an acknowledgement that I love to cook!
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    SCI Hunt

    It’s been brought to my attention that the 2 little fish we caught are quite rare in these waters……Pompano Dorados are found mainly in South America and rarely found in Cabo waters…..for us to find them this far north is unheard of…..Pictures being sent to NOAA....woohoo
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    SCI Hunt

    That cook would be me! :D
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    Yummy vs Frozen Flying Fish

    I wish we had flying fish yesterday.....seemed like the majority of the boats were using helium balloons.....
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    SCI Hunt

    Left MB 8:00 am Wednesday with concerns of weather and closure concerns that never developed. No macs around and no frozen flying fish in San Diego! Stopped on a couple for paddies on our way to SCI for a couple of doritos. Saw lots of marks and foamers all afternoon….long range fleet were all...
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    The 302

    I named it Bennie! o_O
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    The 302

    Beautiful day on the ocean…flat calm, hot and humid. Made macs at the north side of the MB jetty easily. Worked the 302 zone all day. Found lots of paddies and stopped on all of the. only one produced 2 dodos. And the 2 jig strikes on yft. off dolphins. Water was 74 to 76 and very clean...
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    07/26 181 and back

    Left MB around 1:30. Bait barge only had small chovies Started at the 181 crossed over to the 289. 69.3 to 69.5 water. All paddies we found were dry. Lots of marks 60’ down for nothing. Worked the high spot. Turned back to the 181. 39/29 ponies with yft under, no luck. Went to the 182 for more...
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    A Happy Passover!

    Happy Passover!
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    SOLD Shimano Trinidad's 14 & 20

    Interested in the tN14 and me. Thanks, Lee
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    The knuckle and Hidden Bank 09/17/17

    69.9 at the 475......69.3 as we approached the Hidden.
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    The knuckle and Hidden Bank 09/17/17

    Bait from MB was so so. Ocean flat and calm. Beautiful sunrise. Went to the 475 for nothing. All paddies dry and 5 boats pulling tuna pens. Headed toward the hidden stopped on multple paddies. Nothing. Several jig stops for skippy and bonito. Found a large pod of ponies with Great mark. Couldn’t...