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    Sweet colors brother.
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    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    I second that Jake makes beautiful rods.
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    Red rooster. Different type of trips

    Always looking to book more trips and found this interesting trip. Something my wife would join me on.
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    Braid rotting

    I have never seen this in my 35+ years fishing long range.
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    The new classifieds aria joke. You have to PM the seller to ask a question. I bet the seller gets 20 PM’s with the same question.
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    The Night Before Fishing

    Smart anglers don’t stay at the vagabond. That place sucks. Rude employees and you can’t park there if the landings lot is full. Ramada is a option and if the landings lot is full you can pay to park at the hotel.
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    New rod & reel for a 16 day in April on the indy

    I first ordered a Okuma 20 special 10th anniversary reel. Then I called Jake for a custom UC Viper to match the color scheme up. Jake put his amazing craftsmanship to work and matched the rod to the reel. I will be putting a bend in this rod and testing out the Okuma 20 I sent out to Basil at...
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    Wow nice Jake. Thanks. Will put that rod to good use in April. Beautiful craftsmanship.
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    Evaluating LR trip in mid June or early Dec

    Oct. or Nov. are your best months for 8-10. If I had to pick Dec. or June I will go with June.
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    Getting very annoying, I can post here but can't open this forum to read.

    Try posting in the new classifieds see how did works out to ask a seller a question. You can not ask any questions you have to PM them.
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    almost done with BD...
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    Hooks with solid ring vs. Loop knot

    Circle hook for fly lining and J hook for fishing skipjack.
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    bringing back faded rods

    I have to figure that one out on my I phone... dam I miss my flip phone...
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    bringing back faded rods

    I didn't get my stimulus check. They say I collected to many can's of soda and make to much... LOL I just might do that....