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    Rail Rod for LR trips

    gladiator. that 80W is a huge reel and heavy to fish with.
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    Upcoming trip on the Angler

    Good luck Steve. I will be up fishing in Alaska. Enjoy the warm weather while I play in the rain. Mon 15 56°/52° Showers 58% NE 12 mph Tue 16 56°/49° Showers 58% NNW 12 mph Wed 17 56°/51° PM Showers 55% ESE 11 mph Thu 18 56°/51° Showers 58% ENE 14 mph Fri 19 58°/50° Showers 41% N 13...
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    Quiver thoughts Shimano Tiagra 30LRS on a UC Viper 7’6”?

    I would invest in a Makaira 20 or 30. I have both reels and they are way lighter than the old Tiagra reels and they free spool like a dream.
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    American Angler Izorline 7/31-8/6 6-Day report

    Great report Dan. WOW what a call by Ray. Amazing trip for everyone.
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    all close friends. I will have to deal with it on one of my many long range trips however it's been smooth sailing the last couple of years knock on wood.
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    Izorline/Turners 8 day Searcher 7/29-8/6 BEWARE!!! I went photo happy

    great pictures and report. thanks for taking the time.
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Talking with my friends that go every year a 15-20% tip for the lodge and they split it up like the long range boats do. Bear viewing another 15-20% tip because it's not part of the lodge. Same boots I wear on the long range boats · XTRATUF Boots
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    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    15%-20%. Not everyone tips this good but the crew works long hours and are in your corner for you every step of the way.
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Where can I find one of those.
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    I know it's not Long Range but I am going to Alaska

    Packing for a trip to Port Loins Lodge in Kodiak Alaska. First off I will start with a bear viewing seaplane fly in trip and sit close to view the bears as they fatten up eating Salmon before the winter months arrive. Next I will be fishing the ocean off Kodiak Island where we hope to find...
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    Finally, going fishing

    Good luck Dan. You so well deserve this trip. Now go test those doctors. If I were a betting man I would say those doctors fixed you up to go after those speedy Wahoo and those hard pulling Yellowtail. There are tuna at the rocks now. 20-40 ponders
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    Just picked up some wahoo candy and taking about legends.

    With captain Jimmy’s wahoo bombs not being sold anymore I scored 4 of his bombs looking at the bloody decks classified adds the other day. Captain Jimmy and I go way back when Loftus & Martin use to do 15 day trips back on the Red Rooster. All these guys are up in age and no longer fish but boy...
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    Help me understand wind-on’s / top shots

    I was looking at those trips. I don't want to fight a 1,000 bluefin but I sure want to feed them and record them underwater
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    Help me understand wind-on’s / top shots

    I don't make them I just call Basil and leave it to him. Zero failure and customer service is the best. ......................................................................................................................................................................... Basil Pappas BHP...
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    Jigging rod for cow yft

    John at Trophy Tackle knows his sh*t. If I were you I would call him and get what you want. 5 star customer service.