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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Doug, When I first started to read this I was thinking another one of the rats that rip off fish from passengers. Then I was reading more and to find out it was someone you fished with is a complete looser. I bet his home address is 0000 looser lane just off looser drive in the town of looser. I...
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Not at all brother. Those that can fish nowadays is a great thing. I will just be rooting for them every step of the way. I am in there corner cheering them on.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Thanks brother. I will be looking forward to that day we can share the rail once again.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Some of us are unable to do what we love.... Go Long Range Fishing. Some of us have to take what is going on right now seriously because of our health or a loved ones compromised immune system. If you believe what is going on or not with the COVID-19 just remember some of us would love to be...
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    My world...

    Steve my brother. I am not fishing these days. Its always better to be safe than sorry. For those of you that our doing trips or waiting for upcoming trips I will be at my home cheering you on wishing I was able to join you. I cancelled 6 trips and I am in the wait and see stage right now. Good...
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    Proper tipping

    I also fished the Big Game 90 with Capt. Mike and if I recall Dave no shoes was the night Capt. I am going back to the early to mid 90's boy I miss those days. Today I am fishing the Excel, Red Rooster and the Indy. Love doing the 11-16 day trips. 4-5 trips a year. As for the tips for the crew I...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Another great report. Sure miss sharing the rail with ya brother. Some day will hook up again.
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    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Some of the many trips I have been on.
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    Best Wishes For Pappy

    You will be missed Bobby. Also know as junkyard. RIP brother.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    I applaud the county for stepping up on this matter. We can all wait to fish another day. I already canceled my trips when this virus went crazy.
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    Did my first 6 day - now I'm hooked

    Welcome to Bloodydecks brother. You will get a lot of questions answered here. There are some really fishy people on here, many of them will give you some great advice. I always say.... if you going to do a 8 long range trip... bump it up to a 10 day.... gives you more time on the water.
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    And then I woke up...

    If you ever roomed with me on a trip BEWARE... I yell and talk in my sleep... Last month on the Excel 16 day trip I was on I caught a 305LB Swordfish on the way down to the bank... I never remember my dreams... my roommate thought it was funny and I told him to put a gaff in it... yelling the...
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    American Angler 14 Day 1/19 thru 2/2

    Thanks for the report.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    It’s been a bumpy couple of days heading up the line. We are passing time watching movies and taking naps. We will be in San Diego tomorrow. As far as what time it all depends on how good of speed we make. As of yesterday the captain gave his daily briefing after dinner. He said it looks like...