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    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    In I dont see it being an issue with all the other pictures that will be around. I won't be raising a snowflake like the mass around here. I miss old bd.
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    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Wow... Now I remember why I've taken a step back from this place. To some of you, thanks for reminding me of a once in a life time moment. I guess none of you guys have pictures around your place, talk about past catches or really even have a fucking life. Yep the one giving you guys the finger...
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    Calstar 6455 30-50#

    Custom Calstar 6455 30-50# wrapped by taniguchi. All rollers, eva with aftco reel seat and gimbal. Fun rod just not needed for how I fish. 220 or best offer picked up local in sfv.
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    HALIBUT CLASSIC suffers huge loss with tragic death!

    Sorry for your loss mike!
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    14' Livingston center console

    Removed off 14' Livingston. Structure is strong and solid. Could use touch up or a whole new fresh coat of paint. Everything seen included. 40" tall 19" wide 19 3/4" deep. 200$ obo picked up. SFV AREA.
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    12 gal Moller gas tank

    12 gal moller gas tank. Very little use just been sitting a season. Drain/flush and good to go. 55 obo picked up. SFV AREA.
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    Perris 9/19

    Good to see him sticking fattys still! Is he getting into the big swimbait game now?
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    Perris 9/19

    Nice fish! What did she eat?
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    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    I actually sat at the mdr launch ramp from 230 to just before 8. Trailer issue. I had to keep an eye on my boat that was sitting in the water all afternoon. They only suspicious persons were the transients using the dock as a repair facility/work area when he backed it up shallow to pull the...
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    Funny hookup bait pictures

    If you have Instagram look up @Anti-HookupBaits.
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    Need steps to get from trailer to bow
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    Huddleston swimbait set up recommendations

    Dobyns, irod, diawa, okuma, etc all make a "swimbait" rod within your price range. Spool up a 300/400 size reel with 20lb mono and start chucking. you will figure out what you need out of a rod for that style really fast. I throw my hudds on 3 different rods and my fishing partner has 4 or 5. It...
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    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Sorry for your loss, sounds like a great man. I'd do anything to fish with my dad 1 more time.