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    WTBTern 300

    Still looking.. bump
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    WTBTern 300

    Looking to buy a Accurate Tern 300 Found. Thanks
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    Tern and Valiant Rods Now Shipping!

    I saw the Valiant rods yesterday at turners, they look and feel great! Nice grips on it, nice design. Will there be a deckhand style Valiant rod? All the ones I saw had reel seats.
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    Teen review?

    So this is for a quick "Tern" review... I picked up the 400X Reel is awesome! Great free spool... it cast like a dream.. took it to the park on a 9ft stick.. and it felt great.. The gearing is smooth.. no issue when cranking. The drag is good.. not butter smooth of course like the twin drag...
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    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Have they shipped out yet ? I have one on order ..was showing a ship date of 9/15?
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    i saw the same thing. I was going to buy some parts from their website, but seen the security warning. Nevermind.. ill keep my money for now.
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    FS Avet G2 SXJ 6/4 MC

    heck of a deal ..
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    Lexa WN 400

    selling my lexa WN 400PWR-P Loaded with 50lb super slick power pro Took on one boat ride Sold. Thanks
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    RARE Accurate Blue BX2-600W

    Beautiful gears ! Free bump