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    For Sale Vintage Rods/Blanks

    Chocholate pending
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    For Sale Vintage Rods/Blanks

    Roddy Power master. 7'6 super thick wall soft tip and completely shuts off. Best chovie stick ever. $100 Roddy Br80 all factory full glass beutiful 25- 30lb rod glass $120. 10'ft Chochalete Sabre unknown model, would make a Sick old School Jig stick, 30-40lb no problem $230. All great...
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    SOLD Rare Kencor Rods and Original Phenix

    Yea i still have a few Pm me
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    WTB I need a 610 H old glass rod

    I have 610 i might part with
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    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 DC & Seeker and Uc Blanks

    Selling a Shimano Trinidad 20Dc. The reel performance is perfect, in great condition except the left side plate has nicks and scratches . Filled with 3/4 of the way of 70lb Saltiga Boat Braid & 40lb top shot. $800. Super Seeker Long beach made cjbf6465 6'6 20-50lb S green glass composite...
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    For Sale Truline, Grafast & Lb Super Seeker

    70 and 4x sold. Graphast still up $250
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    For Sale Seeker 6480 Trulines $100 each

    Hi Chuck nice to hear from you.
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    For Sale Seeker 6480 Trulines $100 each

    Selling 2, 4x Trulines both original Chocholate glass. Both 7'6 have beutiful thick wall, smooth glass with original finish. Both are spinners. Asking $100 each. SOLD SOLD Seeker Classic Series 6480 all glass 20-40lb. Great all around rod. Rod is ready to fish clean condition. $$$160 714...
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    SOLD Looking for a United composite blank

    I have a 100 mega 10fr 20-40lb for $100
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    Irvine produces

    Great Job ,fun lake.
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    SOLD Newell P 322-F

    Selling a newell P322 works smooth, strong drags $180.. 7148951153