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    Malihini Tomorrow

    Hey guys heading out on the Malihini tomorrow. They need 3 more reservations to get off the dock, good chance there will be under 10 people on the whole boat! Not affiliated but just want to fish a big empty boat, and the fishing at the islands has been wide open
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    HDS 5 Gen 1 w/83/200 and Airmar P79

    Putting up a used HDS 5 Gen 1 I have lying around. Comes with the 83/200 skimmer. The connections are free of corosion, and everything looks pretty clean. Still have owners manual, and unit comes attached to Ram Mount Asking $200 Also have an in hull Airmar p79 (50/200) transducer that I...
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    PT Loma YT 9/26

    Kayaker speaking here... you can just drive the boat to get an angle on the fish.. letting the spectra do its job
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    Offshore Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Why do you always have this weird passive aggressive thing going on in your posts? Who gives a shit
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    M/V San Diego 4/16/14 Yellows

    Always love your videos man! Killer
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    Santa Monica Bay fishing adventures Jan./Feb. 2014 w-pics

    That's the biggest friggin trigger I have seen in the US! Congrats
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    Dave and I went fishing yesterday, dave caught a fish.....

    Why can't yellows at LJ ever be like the Nados? Sweet fish though
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    Catalina Two Day Report

    Epic fishing. Way to find them, not easy to get one of those let alone all three!
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    Turner's "california"

    I have one that I bought because I loved the pricing, caught 200lb BSB and a couple of pig yellows at La Jolla on it. Well built
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    Trip 10/26

    I'm thinking about going offshore the 26th, and with the bluefin fishing being so good I'm pretty excited. Do you think the fish will stay in range of the fleet for the next 10 or so days? Thanks for any help!
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    Makaira 10 vs. JX Raptor

    Sorry for bait
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    Makaira 10 vs. JX Raptor

    Looking to get a new 60lb setup, and can't decide between the Makaira 10 or Avet JX Raptor for bait. I love a small reel and fish braid, planning on spooling it will 65lb braid straight to a couple yards of fluorocarbon. Both these reels look great on paper, I like the Makaira for the smaller...
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    La Jolla spittin' out some yt's............. Saturday 14th

    I saw you out there, I was on the kayak with a little yt. My friend and I were really impressed with that catch, congrats. Beautiful boat too.
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    La Jolla options

    My buddy Thomas and I are heading down to la Jolla this Friday and I just wanted to know what is biting down there? We will be on kayaks, I was thinking about just trolling a Mack on the dropper loop, is that a good idea? Looking for White Sea bass and yellowtail, maybe troll a fly lined Mack...