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    Planning a trip in February...

    ... but I just sent in my passport for renewal by mail. Anybody ever fly down to Cabo with only their birth certificate? Hoping the new passport arrives before then, but want to be included in the trip the guys are planning. For the return, I have SENTRI, so I figure less of a concern northbound.
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    A few Baja questions

    Thank You for this. I would seriously question that some Ex-Pat on a retirement speaks for Mexican Nationals who depend on a stimulated economy. As much as he believes it is, it is NOT his Mexico to dictate what's good for Mexico. Living there does not make you a Mexican National!
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    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    Not a boat owner, but I do remember this being asked before. At that time, someone said they know roughly how much a typical trip costs them, so they tell people joining the trip money would be collected up front, used t pay the expenses, and remainder split evenly back to everyone.
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    Fred hall 2020 contest winner question

    Uh, if I remember right, FH was cancelled this year. So, yeah, he won!
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    Identify a shitbird

    He needs to be on the Missing Persons list next.
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    Identify a shitbird

    I got no gripes with that!
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    La Paz, November 9-13

    So I finally got a chance to go try LP, although it was a little cooler than I'd hope for. First time there, and unfortunately ended up going solo. If you read my pre-trip post, there were a few issues I had to over come, but over come I did! First was to find out how to freeze any fish I would...
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    Head on a swivel

    Read this then moved on. Came back after not being able to get the image out of my head. Damn, so glad it didn't turn out for the worst.
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    Tackle Day 11/7/20

    When I last went, I parked across the street from Pizza Nova. Short walk and you're there. If it's your first time, be informed, for the best deals on raffle prizes, it will be a long day. Must be present to win, but some very interesting seminars to keep you there.
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    Looking for a Boat Recommendation in Los Cabos/Cabo

    I've posted about a bad experience with one of the Dona Meche boats out of San Jose del Cabo. I know you said Cabo, but just putting it out there as a point of info.
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    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Never met him, but very cool how you show him the Love.
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    I want to go to La Paz

    This was my first thought, but they kinda don't want solo fishermen; they don't "pair up" well, which I can see.
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    I want to go to La Paz

    Struggling to pull the trigger and go to LP solo fishing. My worry: freezing any catch. Anyone with an idea?
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    passport card and passport book

    Came here this morning to ask about the same thing. Anybody know about the mail-in process? Mine expires in February, and I want to get a jump on it.