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    I care about your health

    That Bryant Gumbel HBO show said last episode Japan Olympics where in jeopardy because some sites for games were contaminated from that nuclear reactor that blew after the earthquake/tsunami. Japan and OOC just didn't want to admit there was a hazard there bc of all the money that has been...
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    Need help with to find out what some of this old fishing gear is worth.

    Maybe repost to the Vintage forum. Those guys might have some idea for you. Problem with gear is it just sometimes comes down to what people are willing to spend on it, or how badly you just want it gone. The other guys will give you an idea how many of your items are still available on the...
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    Greeting Other BD 'ers

    I'd been Saluted a time or two. As old as I am, and forgetting I have BD stickers on my car, I just thought it was my driving!
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    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Yeah, Carl, I need to get up to a few more of the events that are organized. On this one, it was good to support Sunny, which is why I made my way over there in the middle of the early morning downpour. left kinda quick so others could work on trying to keep stuff half dry. Congrats to all you...
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    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Team Sunny may end up having another go at it as described above. If so, maybe a thread in addition to the sticky.
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    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Was down at the auction for Sunny this morning. Yeah, kinda of rainy, but absolutely fantastic time, and, without question, some fantastic deals. Fearing that some of you were not going to show, they were already starting to plan for a re-do because of low turn out. IF there's another date...
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    Looking for a fishing buff

    I just tried on my BD ballcap, and its a L/XL fitting snug. I might end up cutting a (Walmart knock-off) buff I have and sewing a lengthwise strip on it to loosen it up if no other option.
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    Looking for a fishing buff

    I've tried several different buffs, but the problem for me is "one size fits all" doesn't. Need a large-headed buff. Ideas?
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Take the offer above for the patch. Have him put it on the night prior. THEN, use any/all the other suggestions. It's hard to tell what works specifically on whose system, so go with everything for the trip. You're a good Man for trying to look out for him!
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    Hi, All. Bit confused: is the event THIS Saturday, as in the 15th, or as the flyer says, on the 22nd? And where to drop off stuff? Thx
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    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    … or the fast ones that got tripped by the slowest ones!!
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    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Okay, Kid. First off, be glad this got posted in this forum vs. Fishing Chit Chat. It woulda been waaaay more brutal. Next, that story about someone telling you someone went to jail blah blah blah… my guess urban legend at best. Being a whoppin' 18 years old and having to go to Court...
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    Cory And His Wife Update

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    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    Cory, so sorry I missed that she was ill! Glad to hear things are looking much better for both of you.
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    Going to Ensenada this weekend 2/7 - 2/9

    Am I missing something or did you just answer your own question?