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    San Diegan here. Fred Hall Long Beach is worth finding a hotel in the area, and plenty of time ahead to plan it. As Skrilla above mentioned, if you have a chance to do the Day At The Docks, it's small, it's free- except for parking which isn't too bad to find- and if you are the raffle kind of...
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    Ensenada Charter Recommendations

    I've fished with dozens of the boats there through the years, and of all of them I recommend No Limitz with Captain Charro. Big time numbers when no other boat gets 'em. Look up his past numbers on Very well liked and solid reputation in all the...
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    A "What If" question

    (Smacking my forehead!) I completely forgot about that. I get that all the time, too. Thx
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    A "What If" question

    A friend is asking me a question I have no info 9r experience with. If we make flight and hotel reservations in advance, and a hurricane or major storm ends up forming just prior to our departure date, can we cancel and rebook in most cases?
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    Florida has so much to offer the angler

    The problem I have with Florida is it's in Florida.
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    Flying Volaris to Cabo

    Re: blue wrapping of check-in baggage, NOT necessary OR mandatory. It can give you peace of mind if you are, for ex. putting reels/terminal tackle or other items of value in check-in, things you cannot carry-on. It is offered very near the Volaris counter at TJ airport for a cost of $300/bag-...
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    Tijuana Airport to Loreto

    I recently travelled to La Paz and Loreto. Though I can't speak specifically on Mijito Sportfishing, I'd like to suggest to leave the rods, but do take your checked in reels and terminal tackle. Once in TJ airport, as you start to line up at the check-in counters, bring your checked baggage to...
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    Ensenada Intel request

    (No intel for you, but post this to Baja Mexico Reports forum.)
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    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    Tunahead, this is La Paz speaking. Come back and fish with us. We miss you!
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    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    You'll find some that have had luck, and some that haven't. Last trip, a friend was able to get his at Squidco. Maybe call Joey to see if he can help you out.
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    Cedros Island report

    Thanks for the report. It'll be good to hear on Cedros again this year.
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    Headed to Loreto May 11-15

    Just got back. Took my reels and X-Raps. Didn't need the X-Raps bc they're big on trolling live bait. Your choice, tho. I will suggest taking a few Sabikis, and maybe plan on leaving a couple. (Cheap to us here.) As already said, reels and hooks of any kind go in check-in bags. Recommend (if...
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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    I've been hauling my own Craig's List purchased freezer for a few years when driving down. That, along with my older, little vacuum sealer so I process the fillets from the boats when I get back to my room and freeze them for storage. Now that I'm flying down though, I'm trying to find freezer...
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    Back AGAIN from CABO 4/26/21

    Sammy V. leave some fish for other people, Dude. WTG!!!
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    Loreto 4/24

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!! She slayed that beast! Glad to hear it went so well!