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    Phenix Black Diamond 869H, Shimano 300D w/ Power Handle

    Bump. Also includes the OEM double paddle handle.
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    WTB: Newell P-322F

    Here I was trying to add one more to my arsenal.
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    WTB: Newell P-322F

    New or used Lemme know!
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    WTB: Seeker Rod Blanks

    Looking for White Tiger or Super Seeker blanks in the following: F100 Baby Ulua TNT DM me.
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    14ft Aluminum Boat with 2 Motors - $600

    Selling as a package deal. The deal is worth the motors alone. Looking for a quick sale as Im moving. The boat will need to be restored as there is a leak through the rivets. It's not a bad leak. Can be resealed or re-riveted. Ran fine when it was running (two years ago). No trailer...
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    Calstar 800L and 800XL $120

    Good deal should go quick
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    sold please delete

    Good deal should go quick. Blank really needs to get chopped down as it is pretty whippy from the factory.