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    newby on the 371

    Not a bad covered all 4 bases! Good report...bleed that fish quick or it’ll make you bleed. 😛
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    I love San Diego fishing

    Awesome work brother! Great video. Don’t forget to tell everyone fishing in SD make it look easy. Looks like you’ve still got room there for a couple hoop nets ...
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    W371 FOUND IT!

    Way to get r done! Was it foggy at the zone?
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    Looks like an epic day! He’s hooked for life!
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    9/12 San Diego

    Nice fish! Good report. Sometimes tackle is key. ...going out tomorrow🗝😁
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    1 and done 8/31

    Nice fish! You didn’t miss anything at the 371. Did the bite shut down around 10?
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    Way to go Vindog! Back at it! Hahaha, I’ve Still got you’re Spare gaff from last year...( this guy had 3 gaffs on his aluminum when I couldn’t remember one)🙄’s going to take a ride on my little 2 seater runabout when they get a little closer. I’ve never fished off a jet ski but that’s...
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    Memorial Day Yellowfin

    Not a bad start for the season! Tuna in May...:rockin:Were the tuna pens at the 425?-they were Friday. Water still 65*?
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    Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Epic day catching tuna in November! Making it happen brother, I love it! Now That the storms past I’m thinking about taking a look tomorrow...
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    Offshore with no gaff

    Thanks for that brother! I think I tuned that whole day out. First It was a cracked primer ball then broke a shift cable at the barge after getting bait...That safety pin got me out there!...a little late but got some time on the water- that was an expensive boat ride!
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    Offshore with no gaff

    That was Tuesday. Late report but I don’t think many fished yesterday or today...
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    Offshore with no gaff

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to go burn gas all day in hopes of fish or not so I didn’t set an alarm and left it up to someone else. As fate would have it I woke up a little late but the itch was there! Should be flat in the morning and wind wave in the afternoon...It’s on. Left SD barge around...
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    10/6 Hidden/475/425/south 9

    Stellar job not letting up till those kids saw how awesome the ocean can be! Perfect report, put a big grin on my face! It is a shame Wong and the other drop outs pollute the airwaves...used to be the ocean kind of weeded out that type of behavior. Can’t they wait until noon for the BS? Thanks...
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    2 hour drift

    Nice work! I’ve got to say, it was a pleasure being on the water today! Everyone was considerate and working together. Giving tips and handing off fish! I didn’t land anything today but had a great day on the water. Good energy. I hope the weekend warriors get a is contagious