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    Is the Freedom gone? WTF

    Bummer dude ,i used to deck on that boat ...good times
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    marlineer /delta 50
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    marlineer /delta 50

    yA,No confusion meant , shes a marlineer for sure of th grandy heritage ...a little complicated but i have the original plans "The New Marlineer/Delta 50"is the script on them and yes ,built in the goodell yard in washington as the Betty Jean II
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    marlineer /delta 50

    ya , one of the Minnies i believe , or part of that oc old school core , used to have a business delivering sporties to Hawaii ,40 - 50 foot boats .they would board up the glass and load em with drums , after a bit they figgered out they only needed to board up one side !!! little balls and...
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    marlineer /delta 50

    good , info never knew the older marlineers were planked construction , i have always admired bear flag ,never occured to me it was a marlineer do you know of any other fiberglass hulled marlineers ? as far as i know this was the only one
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    1986 Stringari Skiff 18'

    Great boat , sure you dont wanna trade for a Marlineer!!:doh: good luck with the sale
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    marlineer /delta 50

    I sent the pm yesterday, lemme check sorry bout that ,let me know when you want to see it ,my schedule is pretty open rite now 7143624701
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    marlineer /delta 50

    Yes , As a kid growing in Orange County , When there were a lot more "marlin boats"in the harbor I used to drool over the Marlineers ,but i never owned one cuz im not a fan of glass over ply. This one is a one of a kind ,as far as i know ,they intended to build more but that never...
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    marlineer /delta 50

    Thanks, i hate to see it go but thats the way it is ,too many other irons in the fire
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    marlineer /delta 50

    kind of a project ,but not a big one ,tons of new parts included(new refridgeration freezer compressors, new 1000 dollar vacu flush heads ,new shower and sink fixtures /chicago/electronis/furuno this is one of a kind sportfisher ,built in 1985 at the jones goodell yard in washington as a long...
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    Chilean Sea Bass

    Didnt know they were listed as endangered , australia still has a heavily regulated and succesfull fishery for them , they circle the globe in antarctic regions and in those not regulated , and difficult to enforce they where hit pretty hard a couple decades ago , i guess the key is were are...
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    Can you fish while hooping???

    ha, interesting i never really read the sport regs in regards to that , but when i fish under the commercial regs if you follow the letter of the law there are many situations where hook and line or other tipes of gear have to be stowed and inoperable so as to insure the bycatch laws are...
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    OC / LA Bulk bait? Salmon heads - macks

    If you go to tomlick seafoods in pedro (san pedro fish market )just past berth 73 they sell frozen macks fob not super cheap but they have all u want ull havta go inside the plant and ask the dude in the bubble
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    took another look at the op,pipefish do not school gussin tube snout may be right ,although when reading saurys caME TO MIND
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    just grazed the responses , but when i was just a kid spending my summers in newport harbor ,pipefish were everywere almost every bass u caught had a pipefish tail stickin out of his gullet we used to catch em by hand leaning over the dock, i think the bay pipefish get bigger saw a kid catch...