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    New, used, and vintage surface iron

    Lot #4 sold make me an offer on other lots. Can also make a deal if purchasing more than one lot or all of them together

    New, used, and vintage surface iron

    Update typo on price Can ship just add $10

    New, used, and vintage surface iron

    All jigs are light surface iron 25 tady 45s $225 Salas lot $170 13-7x 3-jpot 2-7x jr 1-dart special 1-yoyo6 lot #3 $135 7-2sharp/copycat 1-2sharp 44wl 1-candy bar 112 1-544 1-tady 8 1-yohoho al5 1-Mac 1-unknown lot #4 $80 6-caivo landon5x 2-caivo landonvo6x 2-jri 1 1-stinger 1-dw1 1-steel bait

    Huge Vintage/new surface Iron lot

    Would really like to keep the lot together. Make an offer

    Huge Vintage/new surface Iron lot

    All jigs are lights..all surface iron $550 for 84 jigs total 28 tady 45 9 Salas 7x 3 Salas 6x 3 Salas 7x jr 8 Salas jpot 3 Salas baby 5x 1 Salas oky 1 christy 2 1 Salas 1x100 1 dart special 3 A2Z 2 outlaw 3 tady c 1 og candy bar 112 1 tady starman 112 1 kicker 25 1 ss ironman 1 killer s1 3...

    Newell reels/parts and accurate frame yts

    These have been sitting around in the garage for a long time need them gone...don’t know the going rate on this stuff so make an offer Newell reels S220 S229 G235 S338 Also have a bag of parts 2 graphite 300 handles 1 aluminum 2 rh 300 side plates 1 left side plate 300 size 338 spool ( pinion...

    Rods and reels fresh and salt plus surface iron

    Lot of gear for sale all used most in good/working condition some needs some TLC...need everything gone prices are negotiable and will make a deal for multiple items Reels: 2 citica 200e $70 each Curado I 6.3:1 $80 Curado I 5.5:1 $80 2 Lexa 300 h $90 each Luna 300 $80 Caenan 100 $40 Torium 30...

    Looking for mangrove studio volador

    Have been trying to get my hands on of a few of the mangrove studio volador 170 and 150 level sinking baits...and haven't had much luck Anyone know where I could purchase them? Every place I check is out of stock Or would anybody be willing to part ways with some of theirs?? Thanks in advance