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    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    no more live bait is what they mean
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    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Anyone have an open seat?
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    Selling Tuna

    Illegal to sell sport caught fish in Washington state.
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    Overnight tuna

    I would love to tag along on one of these overnighters, anyone got an extra seat? On another note, after hearing of people finding tuna all the way up to Canada, I am thinking about making a run up to Neah from DesMoines and trying to find some tuna up north...
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    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    I have a bayliner 2452, it fishes 2-3 people and has room for 4 to sleep.
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    pelican 95 qt

    Sold for $200 and a pack of coors light... when and were?
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    pelican 95 qt

    Well, im a pelican whore(i litterally have dozens of pelican cases for my laser light show company), so it would only be fitting if i had a cooler to match... would you take $200 for it?
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    Bananas were on board.

    I just bought a complete factory rebuilt outdrive from Tacoma Marine Repair and they had it to me the next day...
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    free natural gas dryer

    I'd love to take it off your hands...
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    More shrimps

    I'll be there both days... bringing the boat back from Sekiu this sunday and then to the canal for Tuesday and Wednesday.
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    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    we saw that same fin out at swiftsure over the weekend...
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    Garmin radio and other stuff

    PM incoming on EPIRB
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    F'ing chipmunk

    410 shotgun with 3inch shells of #5... that way you know you got it...
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    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    I picked up this one last year and it is amazing, my Yukon battery was dead, and I mean no life, truck sat for 9 months with a dead battery. Then on a snowy day this last winter, I had to move the truck and figured I was gonna have to buy a new battery first, but tried this jump pack and it...