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    10/17 LJ

    Good advice gentlemen, all of it !!! Have you ever watched the movie The Book of Eli? And while I know its only fiction this is the kind of awareness I strive to bring to my hunting and fishing. I make a living staring at the monitor all week long. I have a led screen in my SUV that takes me to...
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    10/17 LJ

    This is more of a day out on the water without electronics than catching fish but we did manage (1) legal and (6) short Calico bass taken on the plastic. Put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at 6AM, back on the sand by 9AM.
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    9/19 LJ

    Sometimes while editing video I'm both amazed and scared of the things we do out there on the water.
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    9/19 LJ

    The surf is up. The inshore water blue for the first time this summer. Also made the three B’s for the first time year. To quote Capt. Dave Hansen “You have to have a plan and following the other fishermen around is NOT a PLAN!” Last weekend fin bait was hard to make at the pier but we did...
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    8/29 LJ

    We put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at pre grey light, back on the sand by 11AM for (2) legal Calico Bass to 20 inches and a legal Sand Bass. Throughout the morning session we left packs of biting 13 inch calico to look for bigger ones. All fish were caught on plastics. Today the fish...
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    7/25 LJ

    Yes. I like the way it shows the true color and clarity of the water and who is not entertained by a fish coming up to color. Thank you.
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    7/25 LJ

    We put in at the La Jolla Shores boat launch at pre grey light…back on the sand by noon for (6) Calico Bass to 20 inches, a Sand Bass and (5) Reds in as many drops. All caught on plastic. Today the fish activity predictor was right on the money. We made the bass during the morning predicted...
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    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    " I got two on swimbaits" Double points for that !!!
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    7/3 San Diego CA

    Today we put in at 5:30 AM. Trolled in 120 foot out to the NW corner, making (6) sand bass on a tube jig along the way. On the corner we made (3) rockfish with the plastic. Two red and one brown. On the way back we trolled over the tops of the bent over kelps for (2) short calico bass. Back on...
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    San Diego CA 6/27

    We put in this morning at 5 and was back on the sand by 9. Caught 6 calico bass to make 3 legals. Also caught a limit of rockfish including whitefish, brown fish, Reds and sheephead.
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    Coronados 6/20

    YES. Nothing will get you moving faster than a seal coming in hot.