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    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    " I got two on swimbaits" Double points for that !!!
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    7/3 San Diego CA

    Today we put in at 5:30 AM. Trolled in 120 foot out to the NW corner, making (6) sand bass on a tube jig along the way. On the corner we made (3) rockfish with the plastic. Two red and one brown. On the way back we trolled over the tops of the bent over kelps for (2) short calico bass. Back on...
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    San Diego CA 6/27

    We put in this morning at 5 and was back on the sand by 9. Caught 6 calico bass to make 3 legals. Also caught a limit of rockfish including whitefish, brown fish, Reds and sheephead.
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    Coronados 6/20

    YES. Nothing will get you moving faster than a seal coming in hot.
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    Coronados 6/20

    That's sound advise DOGHOUSE, will do.
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    Coronados 6/20

    Thank you Otto, I'll replace it with fresh!!!
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    Coronados 6/20

    On June 20th we motored from San Diego Harbor to the Coronado Islands of Mexico for a morning of Yellowtail and Calico Bass fishing. We would end the session with two yellowtails and many bass, in fact we left the bass biting. We also lost four yellows to the rocks. Our fish today came on...
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    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Finally some good new out of 2020!!!
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    6/6 Long Beach

    Thank you sir, It's not easy being a meat eater in this day and age.
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    6/6 Long Beach

    LD, Robert’s boat has a steering wheel on the outside of the cabin, just starboard of the doorway. He leaves the motor in gear and drives, slowly, from the deck while fishing. On the other hand I did see many boats anchored up while fishing there so that must work too.
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    6/6 Long Beach

    We (my friend Robert and I) caught a dozen bass off the Long Beach Wall. Two big lessons learned for me: The first one, you can’t fish too close to the wall. The difference between throwing up into the rocks and five feet away from them is like night and day. The second is that, while rear...
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    RED TIDE San Diego 5/9/2020

    We put in at 5:30, back on the beach by 10:30. For three calico bass, one legal. Because of the corona pandemic the parking lot is still closed and everyone on the beach is wearing a mask but there is no shortage of street parking. We paddled and fished weadless swimbaits all the way to the NW...
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    LJ Last Saturday

    This is from last weekend as the San Diego Beaches are all closed today because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. At the time it was just another day on the water but looking back, it was a pretty good time and we hope to get back out there very soon. Everybody stay safe !!!