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    Inshore La Jolla-October 17th

    We fished the Saturday AM and left the 13 inchers biting. Surface condition flat calm. Bass were on the stones in 60-100 feet.
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    Okuma Citrix Ci-364

    I have a 273a that I fish alot for inshore fish. Its shape fist in the palm of my hand better than any other reel I own. Also I like have the velocity control on the outside.
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    We have been throwing plastics and bucktails with this pair for a month now. Really like the lightness of the reel and micro guides of the rod.
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    Feedback on use of Okuma Komodo 273

    We have the 273 paired up with a PCH CUSTOM INSHORE ROD model PCHi-C-761M and the narrow little star drag is on a Hawaiian Custom Slow Jigging Rod model HCSJ-c-631MH but the 5n could go well with any number of rods depending on what you are targeting.
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    Feedback on use of Okuma Komodo 273

    Hello Macky For inshore I use 200 size reels loaded up with 50lb smooth braid. And have fished the KDS since inception. Today’s production model is mature and much better than the older ones. I can say without any reservation that it is the best low profile in my rod rack today. Just as a...
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    Inshore Lake Pacific 7/24

    Just a real good time of the year to be a fisher no matter where you live.
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    Inshore 9-182-La jolla

    There you go.
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    I had a couple smaller ones in the sack already and this one showed so much fight we just had to...

    I had a couple smaller ones in the sack already and this one showed so much fight we just had to honor that with a release.
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    I know the proper music really sets the time

    I know the proper music really sets the time
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    Inshore LJ 7/10 PB Sheephead

    Saturday morning we put in at dawn and was out on the water fishing as the sun came up. First stop produced a new waypoint and several 12-14 inch sand bass slow pitching a flat fall jig. Second stop produced a limit of rock fish including whitefish and sheephead. The bite shut off at 9:00. Back...
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    PCH Inshore Heavy for Surface Irons?

    I have been fishing with a Medium Rod Power and have complete confidence saying the heavy is enough. Seems to me the PCH Custom line is overbuilt, what isn't a bad thing at all.
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    Some more Okuma Gear in Action

    Today we caught these fish on the okuma: HELIOS TCS baitcast reel model HTC-281V on a SERRANO rod model SRN-731MH HELIOS SX spinning reel model HXS-30 on a GUIDE SELECT PRO rod model GSP-S-761M
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    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    Man that's a BIG calico. Solid report.
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    Inshore LJ 5/15 Calico Bass

    We put in at 6ish. Paddled along the beach and out to 30 feet for a good bass bite with the largest fish going 18 inches caught on a 8 inch soft body swimbait. Ended up in 50 feet where we invited a handful of whitefish back to the casa for cena. Hauled out and back on the road by noon.
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    Komodo did not engage, locked spool, lost fish

    This is true. Not a fix but an operating condition of sorts. I had one of the early models right out of the box. Tightened down the drag max and turned the handle with my thumb on the spool to stop it from turning because I wanted to move the handle out of the way of the spool tension knob. Like...