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    Finally got out for some Chickens

    Nice job on the long tails! Great pics! Framers for sure!
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    Last weekend's birds

    Nice! No ducks? :)
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    Canada 2015

    Way to wack em! And so it begins!
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    Offshore oside wide open yft 8/29

    Can I get those numbers again skipper...Ha ha! Good Karma for you!
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    Offshore 8/18 Mixed Bag From Encinitas to Oceanside

    I thought Ray only dove hunts! :) Nice going!
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    San Quintin Goose and fish

    Any bands on the Black Brant? Congrats on your trip!!! Sounds awesome!
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    The ducks finally show up

    Nice tailgate shot!!!
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    Feathers and guns guide service

    So how many birds did you get?
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    Sac Valley

    The new decoys look great!!! Nice on the specs!!!
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    New waterfowl gun

    SBE2 easy to break down and clean. Pricy but worth it!! Find a gun that fits you everybody is different.
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    Toyota Tacoma For Sale

    Year....2005 Miles....118,000 You just gotta read the print below the picture......Duh! :)
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    Bad Mexicali cops

    Boycott Mexico!!!!
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    that time of year

    I could watch that video all day long!!!!! Wow!