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    For Sale 2017 Yellowfin 26 Hybrid - SOLD

    is she staying local?
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    Repower 19ft aluminum

    just fix it & roll with it... Dont polish the turd, keep the funds in your account...
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    Dark green braid..?

    BIG ZERo if youre on a sportboat fishing tuna, deckies cant see it when in a clusterfuck of a situation.....
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    Long Beach fred hall

    just go...
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    This is horrible, prayers for Sunny! She truly is the sunshine at Turners compared to having to deal with Carl...
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    Evans Tire fixed flats for free.

    So does discount tire Mike...
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    Good ceviche in 3 steps
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    First time I hit Lupe on a 5 day, I wasn't even aware that there was gw's there... Mike Lakey of the Vag point one out just below the surface sunning itself on the side of the boat... This thing was the size of an F-150, will never forget...o_O
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    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Yup!!! 4 turn uni on the floro side / 10up / 10down on the braid side...
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    For Sale 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee - broken

    does it run at all? 5 times more than any junkyard will give you...
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I know for a fact the new lo an has a ladder in the front of the bow area of the bunk room. Climb the ladder & hatch throws you out into the bow area between the restrooms below the wheel house.
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    9 mile, 226, 302, coronado canyon. NOTHING! 8/30

    Right! On my 2 day 15-20lb max w/ #4 was key to getting bit. There weren't any jig strikes on the troll, & decks confirmed same is true on most of the trips. Entire area is dirty green water, its where they're at... Took lots of bait to get them to react.