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    Nomad Design Sidekick Surface Irons NOW IN STOCK ONLINE!

    Cool innovations aside from the split rings. Will definitely grab some soon.
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    U-40 vs D2 vs Flex Coat

    I like them all but Gen4 is the new king IMHO.
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    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    Great, now I want a laser engraver.
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    Daiwa New Daiwa Lexa 400 TW - 2021

    I'm very familiar with the brass vs stainless steel debate. From my experience nothing wrong with either. Just trade offs. I've had some in depth conversations with the Daiwa crew at the shows about their choice of materials and why. Information I couldn't pry out of other manufacturers. Pretty...
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    Daiwa New Daiwa Lexa 400 TW - 2021

    No stainless steel gear, bummer. Hoping they come out with a HD version with a steel gear. Still using my blue HD's and fairly happy with them.
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    What's this bait?

    Port Wilson Dart
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    Pair of Seeker IGFA 80 rods

    You don't have to impress us the first time. "Progress, not perfection" Nice work btw.
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    Overnight-San Diego-Bunks?

    Make it a 1.5 day. Several boats running those trips have staterooms.
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    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    Reduce the leverage advantage, you mean like having a longer rear grip on a rail rod???
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    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    I lose that much fishing my favorite rockpile. Better double up.
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    SD show is on a smaller scale all around. Fewer vendors and deals. Great place to catch up with people in the industry that you know. If you're looking to check out products there are lesser crowds finger fucking the displays. Still a good show and I try to make it out even after loading up at...
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    Offshore Bluefin close by

    "If you ever find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck" :D
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    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    Empty paddies doesn't mean they got eaten, just no one's home. ;)
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    Bedding for multiple day

    Grab a couple dock bunnies.
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    Hulk Seeker 7x green

    Well done. Is that an olive green or different shade of brown?