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    My first Spiral Wrapped Rod- Guide Questions

    As to guide sizing I defer to the rule of avoiding sharp line angles as much as possible especially thru the stripper and turn guides. With spiral wraps I can typically get away with smaller sizes for the stripper and turn guides than I would with a traditional wrap utilizing reduction guides...
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    Fashionista or Fisherman

    So you're saying your friend likes the feel of a hairy shaft that looks 100 years old? Then he got you to feel it and now you have a dilemma?
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    Seeker blues glass question?

    Acetone will reveal the truth. :D
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    People don't think trademarks be like it is but it do.
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    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    You'd make more money working part time at the drive thru than you would chasing savings thru wholesale, bargain bin diving, or doing backdoor deals at the hobby level.
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    my website has been shut down......

    Alan, bummer to hear. Your site's contents were a treasure trove of information. Also loved reading about new products and projects. Definitely lots of good influence that helped sparked some of my own builds. Hope it returns sooner than later.
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    Newell qquestion

    It's a Newell, based off my experience... it may or may not. LOL
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    What do you think??

    I'd offer less since the handles are dirty.
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    Faster retrieve potential?

    2nd cup of coffee and some cocaine. At least this way your reels won't look retarded.
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Round metal baitcast reel that kills the Calcutta D. Bigger drop down gear box. Basically Fathom Low Pro guts in an Abu Morrum body. Baby Baja, black frame of course.
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    FYI squid...

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    Stickers and decals

    Decal Connection won't print out copyrighted images or one's with titties.
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    Choose the best size PENN reel for tuna

    What color International do you recommend?
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    Trump vetoes bill to outlaw drift gillnets

    The gillnets are for catching chinese subs.