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    How do I get my ID name changed?

    You have to fill out the name change form and submit it for review.
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    For Sale SOLD Furuno 1622 Radar Display and Dome

    I have a brand new cable for$50
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    Installing new shift cable-skipjack 24 Volvo penta

    A very easy way to install a Volvo Penta shift cable. Find a approximately 1/4” plastic tube 6-8’ long. You can push this tube into the hole for the shift cable from the outside the boat (into the O/D) easily. Now get inside the boat and push the threads of the shift cable into the hollow...
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    Charkbait customer service

    JK47,I called today (Thursday) and that’s how I found out it’s still at the shop.
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    Charkbait customer service

    I wish I had the same experience with charkbait. It took 8 days to receive my last order.(fishing line in stock,two months ago). I ordered some in stock line Saturday,they will ship it tomorrow (Friday),I guess another 8-10 days to receive,and I’m in Santa Barbara county. I used to get stuff...
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    Trailer axel Santa Barbara

    You can order them from Pacific trailers. measure your old one,they can make one the same size.
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    ETEC 300

    Wow,Evinrude quits making boat motors,That’s crazy! I wonder what’s going to happen on the parts situation.
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    Pacific Halibut in Eureka and Trinidad

    Nice video and fish! I’ve caught a few up there,plus some Petrale sole on the same rigs. Thanks for the video!
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    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    Everyone should call that phone number and voice their concerns,this is ridiculous. I just called and left my message.
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    United Healthcare Pop Up

    One time is fine,2 more times is a pain.
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    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Don’t be a pussy,just do it,go catch some fish.
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    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    But they allowed golf courses. You need a rally to get attention to this BS. Newsom is over reacting,make phone calls,demand an answer. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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    For Sale Skipjack 20/24 parts

    Those EZ-Steer units are nice for great kicker steering control.