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    Saturday 7/11 Miguel

    FAT...nice fishin.
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    For Sale ready to be installed

    Is this tank still available?
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    WTB Need engine help

    I need new power. I have a 95 5.8 351w that needs to be rebuilt or replaced...what is out there? Willing to repower with a 5.7. I have a Dp290 behind it now, it willing to do a package deal if it's a good combo. TIA....Doug...
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    SOLD Volvo Penta 5.7 Gxi-N <40 hours. SOLD

    I'm interested in replacing my engine, presently a 5.8 Volvo Penta with a 290 DP. I rebuilt my engine but it still has an issue and the ford is a pain...I would be interested in having the motor installed. What kind of deal can we make for the engine and can sell the drive to the...
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    SOLD Offshore, Bait Tank, 30 gallons, like new. $300

    I'll take it...818 388 6637...if available. Doug....
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    For Sale Lewmar pro series 1000 windlass

    Still available???? Doug 818.388.6637
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    Bait in Santa Barbara

    I'm looking to fish Rosa, leaving out of Santa Barbara which I haven't been out of for years... Is 5here a bait receiver there, what are their hours of operation and what do they have to offer? Thank you in advance...! :)
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    Ventura Harbor Bait

    Look around Gina, the oil platform.
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    For Sale Parting out Skipjack 28 (1975)

    I'm interested in the windlass, ground tackle and the bow sprit...
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    My new to me blackman 26

    Easier to ask forgiveness than permission to raise the TV cables!
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    FS: Lewmar Profish 1000

    Im interested... Doug 818-388-6637
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    MDO 7/2/17

    Great video...thanks for sharing!
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    Channel Islands 20-21st

    Thats a little too far from Anacapa...but thank you!
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    Channel Islands 20-21st

    Looking for buy or catch, leaving Sat AM...Any help would be appreciated