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    Excel 9 day 1/2 price Leaves 9/9

    I can’t wait for the report! Tight lines and sharp hooks!
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    One spot available on the vagabond

    Passports required? Mine is expired but I’m going Monday to try and renew it. Seriously interested let me know
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    Open spots on pac voyager?

    looking for a spot on the pacific Voyager for this summer if anyone has a open spot.
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    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Boils down to you signed up for a open party trip and you don't have a say in where you fish.
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    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    If you haven't looked at the counts lately no one has been targeting the bf. The wind has been howling and the captain did you a favor but keep complaining about your limits of yft. Do some research aztec and tomahawk both have bf trips on the schedule
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    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Im pretty sure that's what fishdope is for
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    19' Lowe pontoon boat

    I'll take the motor and controls right now
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    Beastie Boy

    The must have been one hell of a battle on that light tackle!
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    Any open spots on the Pac Voyager this year?

    Does anybody have a charter they need to fill a spot let me know. I've been on sportboats my whole life so I know the routine. I fished the boat last year and im really interested on getting back out on this ride.last May on the Pacific voyager at collonet
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    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Crazy thing is you can still book trips on the eclipse website
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    BD formate change??

    Same on my end. can't stand it
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    Official Chargers Post

    I missed the end of the Broncos game what was the score ?
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    Official Bronco thread

    :deadhorseBroncos suck :deadhorse GO CHARGERS
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    Official Chargers Post

    I hope the donkeys get beat up at the black hole tonight :deadhorse GO CHARGERS :hali_olutta::Smoke_Emoticon::hali_olutta: