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    For Sale Mercury 40-50-60hp 4 Stroke - NEW PARTS

    Ill take it all. PM me when you get a chance
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    It's Federal Now/All Mexican Ports closed March 29, 2020

    You can still go after them, just have to do it from the dock :-)
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    WTB WTB- Eskimo Ice Maker or Similar

    I am looking for an Dometic Eskimo Ice maker to make ice for my fish box. Salt water ice maker or other brand is fine too. Does not have to be running but does need to have all parts if parts are obsolete. Let me know what you have.
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    Huge Black Marlin caught yesterday with Captain Scooby

    definitely over 500, even if the cameral is exaggerating. I would guess 800. Heck of a fish on a panga, those blacks are mean!
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    Gotcha, I spent some time on the lobo vacuflush as well :-) Some day I'm going to spring for headhunter bravo toilets. my friend has them on his hundred footer and they spoiled me!
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    I thought all of your toilets were galley maids? My guess is old hoses at the connections. They are pretty simple and if vacuum is leaking its either bowl seal (will drain the water), bad hoses (most likely hardened amd leaking connections), or duck bills. Could also be a bad bellow in the pump...
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    For Sale ATL Fuel Bladder 500 gallon

    Total Scam, especially with a name like "Steal" and Time :D. She is parked next to me in Ensenada and I can confirm she does exist even if not always running LOL Hell of a deal on that bladder and with that great of a deal don't jerk a guy around. Especially with 4k posts.... Good luck with the...
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    Is this the M/V Passport?

    Bummer, but that looks like a pretty soft grounding and should be very little damage.
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    Drydocking Baja

    double post....
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    Drydocking Baja

    Not many places for drydocking in San Felipe since the only place to haul is used for smaller commercial boats. Most large boats are hauled on the rails and used frequently by the commercial fleet. Only places I can think of would be the Cabos, La Paz, Puerto Escondido and Ensenada. I think all...
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Always good to get it up high! Thanks for the tip, i hhad no idea extensions are made.
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Yep, slowly making progress when i have time & $$$$ :rolleyes:
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Thanks everyone for your responses. The boat will do long distance but i think with the heights i have 6db should work fine for my use. I may still go for a 9db depemding on budget.
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    I am in the process of refitting my 60' boat with electronics and am having trouble with antenna selection. My plan is to have 3 VHF radios on board (forward helm (Standard Horizon GX2100 w/ AIS), rear helm (Icom m504) and extra at forward helm (Icom M504 with separate stand alone emergency...