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    Can’t fix stupid!

    How can this not be in Florida?
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    CAST for Kids?

    If you haven't done Cast For Kids you should and here is why. Great event , fun, well run, the kids had a blast and the perch bite was WFO. Thanks to Jamie ( Kenzmad ) for promoting this event and getting some of us over to Lake Washington to participate.
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    For the Goat

    What a tragic story. I liked what Mr Doodles said above, I don't know you either but it seems like I do from reading all your posts and your boat build. Communication in the medical business sucks. It can be maddening and excruciating to watch a loved one suffer without anyone able to tell you...
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    Not loving my trolling reels (PS, A10)

    No, you mentioned Mass , but it was wicked obvious 😜. I spent a lot of summer weeks at my aunts place in Harwichport on the Cape. Fished off the jetties at Allen and Whychmere( sp ? ) harbors most days. Got a lot of in-laws in Maine.
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    Not loving my trolling reels (PS, A10)

    Good advice here. I’m partial to Shimano . But more importantly , where you from in Mass? I grew up in Shrewsbury but have lived here for 30+ years.
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    Saltwater Area13 Coho and Chinook from the beach.

    Nice, especially the light gear. Fun way to fight them.
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    Aluminum sheet Tacoma to Olympia????

    Metals Supermarket in Kent is pretty close to I5 and they will have that. 15 mins north of Tacoma.
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    CAST for Kids?

    I’ll need a tutorial . How about I buy the beer 😜
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    CAST for Kids?

    Who is the expert perch fillet man? The last batch I caught (years ago ) I made into a mess. My dad was a total pro at cleaning perch but those techniques died with him.
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    A10 Charter recommendations September

    Spot Tail Guides
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    Saltwater WP Coho

    That is crazy fun when they go off like that . Sounds fantastic.
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    CAST for Kids?

    Done. Registered.
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    CAST for Kids?

    Count me in Jamie. I will need some guidance on where/how you guys are putting the kids on the perch. I never fish lake WA. I do have plenty of fresh water gear however.
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    ambassadaur repair

    Rougarou - he is right in Hansville. He works on them.
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    Saltwater Got lucky

    Or you can go with the classic Mooselock Wobbler. My Dad trolled this one for Lake Trout ( Mackinaw in the west ) on Quabbin reservoir in Mass 50 years ago. I’ve never tried it here since I don’t really troll but kept it in the box for sentimental reasons . It is about 1/2 again bigger than a...