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    Trophy 2002 Walkaroune

    Hahaha thought that was the year at first never mind
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    Trophy 2002 Walkaroune

    What is the size of the boat
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    28' boat trailer

    looking for a 28' boat trailer to fit a Boston whaler with a 9'6 beam
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    NiCe RoD AnD ReEL cOmBo

    where u located
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    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    Sounds good Ill let u know by this weekend.
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    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    what time is it leavin out on the 5th?
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    Anyone up for a kid trip on the seahorse.......

    Count us in. Its my sons 10th b-day on the 24th that will be a good little present.
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    Sea Horse Father Son Trip

    Its all my son is talking about. It was great to fish with a kick ass group. Thanks to everyone, my sons is ready for the next one.
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    Seahorse trip to SCI on 4/18.... Lots of Pix!

    Thanks to everyone for making this trip happen. Hats off to an awsome crew. Didnt really know what to expect at first being my first trip out with my son. But "wow" it was a great day on the water with a great group of people. People hooken and handing it of to the kids, what an awsome group of...
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    Sea Horse charter with the Kids

    thats awesome, all the people hooking it up for the kids
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    Send those prayers & positive vibes please

    my prayers are with her
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    Half day in San Diego Bay 4-3-10

    Always a great time watching kids hook up.
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    Sea Horse charter with the Kids

    My son and I can share a double bunk as long it can fit a 250pnd Samoan and a 65pnd mini me.
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    Ya what would be the damage