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    Mini surface irons

    Sea Strike also made a mini jig when Joe Pfister owned them prior to Catchy Tackle. I'll have to rummage thru my boxes of jigs to find them.
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    Loreto April 29th - may 3rd

    Spring time yellowtail fishing in Loreto on lures! Luhr Jensen Krocodiles!!
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    Calico fishing near Ensenada. Panga/Guide?

    Vonny's guides know the area like the back of their hand and a few of them are second-generation guides.
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    American Tackle Complimentary Samples!!!

    Thanks for the reel seat can't wait to use on my next build.
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    ALPs footpedal

    Check this foot pedal at Amazon ~ Foredom Control, Variable Speed, Foot Pedal, Plastic, SR, L, 3 Prong - C-FCT-1 Brand: Foredom
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    EX D8 🐟

    Bump for jiggyn...
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    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Back in the early 90's...
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    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Many great wahoo trips with Riddler on PS. Remember waiting out a couple of hurricanes at Guadalupe Island catching YFT & big YT then heading to the ridge and catching wahoo and on the return trip catching albacore, those were the Dazes!!
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    Wahoo line choice...

    Has anyone tried using a short piece of 130/ 150# spectra tied directly to 2/0 for wahoo bait fishing?
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    Intrepid food porn

    Food has been that way from day one on the Intrepid starting with Javier...