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    Offshore 14 Mile Bank Marlin

    Great catch - great report!!
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    There is absolutely a big swing in the predictions. As far as the current predictions by March/April/May 2023 ENSO neutral condition likelihood is 3 times greater than la nina and over 5 times more likely than el nino. Again we have a lot to learn about predicting ENSO and it effects. The...
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    We are looking at the same data. My comment is based on the 23rd tile from your link labeled "CPC Probabilistic ENSO Outlook Updated: 8 September 2022" that says: " Chances of La Niña gradually decrease through the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter, with ENSO-neutral favored beginning in...
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    . Quarterly kelp canopy area (grey) from 1984–2020 in three regions: north coast (Oregon-California border to San Francisco Bay), central coast (San Francisco Bay to Point Conception), and south coast (Point Conception to USA-Mexico border including the Channel Islands) as estimated from...
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    Looking at the ENSO forecast for early 2023 right now it is a pretty strong neutral. True that 3 la ninas in row is uncommon but at about 70 years we are not talking about a very long time period that we are looking at either. Still a lot to learn. Another thing to consider is that in the long...
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    Montauk 17 purchase, owner doesn't want to demo in the water?

    Devil is in the details. What the boats condition really is, price, how much you want THAT boat and how well versed you are in assessing the value of the boat. Without testing the engine under load your taking on some additional risk. If the boat checks out really well and your serious about...
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    Pacific Coast or Bart Hall 2023?

    I'm no insider but a long time fan of the FHS. Outside of the last couple years I believe Bart has run the show for a looong time. Long enough that he wanted to step back from the direct day to day and contracted a company with a good reputation for running boat shows to do it. Their handprint...
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    Pacific Coast or Bart Hall 2023?

    ...and Del Mar will be before Long Beach in 2023 like it used to be many years ago.
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    Madison River 9/14/2022

    Looks like a great day in God's country. Awesome!
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    Historical range was well down into baja. One popped up for a while around Crystal Cove 5-6 years ago. There was also one supposedly spotted around Isla San Jeronimo some years ago. They have been very slow to spread out of central cal.
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    Bring back the otters to SoCal! They are urchin eatin machines - around 1/4 of their body weight a day. I suspect that runoff will need to be cleaner before that is a viable option.
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    Kelp vanished.........?

    Mainly water temp after that last El Nino but urchins and runoff can also be a problem.
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    OK to mix sardines & mackerels?

    While not ideal to mix it can certainly be done. If possible try to make your macks first so they have a chance to settle down. Dropping macks that are all fired up right off the sabiki into the sardines can be hard on them.
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    What's your favorite all around rod/reel/line combo?

    I'm with Smylee - only 1?? One of my favs is a Sabre 610 with a Trinidad 30 with 40lb as a heavy bait stick.
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    December at Catalina Island

    No shoreboat @ Cat so your on your own there. There is a rock on the eastside where the cove opens up but it is high enough that it is visible. There are plenty of things around Catalina to get you in trouble if you don't pay attention and use your head. Use good judgement and you'll be fine.