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    1.5 day for BFT; how does the day/night unfold?

    Just got back last night from an overnighter on the Aztec. 37 bft with 8 over 100#. Some dark greylight flatfall, sinker rig on 80# worked well early, a few were using a sliding sinker and got bit, some flyline on the small grade and 100g jigs.. I got bit 10 times in 9hrs. Using all these methods
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    OSP 2x4 vs. UC 76 Viper

    Wahoodad doesn't even own the rod named after him, his answer Randy's stuff is better!
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    Mustad is having a 35% sale, their assist hooks are good and right now very affordable
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    Jig addiction

    While I've caught fish on most of them, the Daiwa SK I've seen catch 75% of the fish on the boat. None of the others have done that, that I've seen
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    Katy perry colors

    Looks like these
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    Jig addiction

    Daiwa jigs
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    Jig addiction

    So here's my Katy Perry's
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    San Diego offshore weather

    No it wasn't gonna be much better today, about 7a.m. tomorrow looked do able
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    Mustad Jigs

    I have a couple, but haven't made it out to try them yet
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    San Diego offshore weather

    Pacifica just canceled the trip, but I saw Rick on the O95 said his trip was a definite go leaving tomorrow
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    San Diego offshore weather

    Not unless they sell your spot, pretty standard at all landings I think
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    San Diego offshore weather

    Shit it's supposed to lay down decent on Saturday, but going out Friday night is going to be rough as shit
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    San Diego offshore weather

    I called the landing and they just played dumb
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    San Diego offshore weather

    So looks like there's been some boats canceling this week. Have a 1.5 day on the Pacifica leaving Friday, and my buddy is driving from north of Reno to join in the fun. Dont want him driving 1100 mile round trip to have the boat cancel on friday. What is the outlook?
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    PSA: Shimano Lures on Sale

    Only purple is left