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    Waianae 7/14/20

    Thanks! Thanks, I was wondering what it was swimming right to the boat, never seen an ahi do that before and now we know to tire him out a little before grabbing leader.... I know I was luckly it wasn't a much bigger ahi, the glove was one of those cut resistant gloves with latex grip so I...
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    Wednesday July 15 Kaneohe

    She will always remember that "boat ride" especially since you helped her get her first ahi! Good memories for sure....
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    Waianae 7/14/20

    So my friend and I decided to try fishing Waianae again even though I heard through the coconut wireless that the bite was up north.We were in the water at 5am and headed straight out. It seems nobody was home at the pinnacle, fish or boats so we started to head to CO. The water got sporty real...
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    July 3 Westside report

    Otaru blitz! Nice catch, good grinds for the 4th!
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    Friday westside

    Epic day! Kamanu on the troll? Interesting. Thanks for the report.
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    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Thanks John Thanks and I always appreciate when someone posts that info here so I thought I'd do the same. Thanks I think you should get out there and get fishing 'cause if scrubs like me are hooking up, everybody should be catching lol... Thanks Pat for all the sage advice over the years...
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    WAIANAE 7/1/20

    After getting a double on our last trip out, my friend and I decided to try our luck again and left the harbor at 5am and headed straight out. I set lines on the 1000 and the area looked pretty fishy with matoris swinging around. A little after 6 the starboard flat line popped up but no hook up...
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    West Side Ahi 6/23/20

    Nice catch and great first post on BD!
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    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Having gone out the past 3 times and only finding a couple of 22lb otarus, my friend and I got out on his boat and left Waianae harbor at 0500. We headed straight out to the pinnacle and set lines right on the 1000. The area was a little swelly with a few small piles here and there. We mowed the...
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    Looking for old outrigger thread

    Might be this one:
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    4/22/2020 - Epic day at Waianae!!

    Great catch Russ!!! Looks like you need to put in more "short" days lol...
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    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    From an older thread: I tried it and its really good so if you can quick fillet without scaling, you can take the fillets to make fishcake and put the rest in the...
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    Quarantine fishing?

    So.....anyone fishing??? From what I've read the harbors are not shut down, see here: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE DOBOR SHUTDOWN DUE TO COVID-19 GENERAL INFO Q. When did the DOBOR closure go into effect? A. March 18, 2020. Q. Can I...
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    State park closing???

    Here is what I found from the link from Pat: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE DOBOR SHUTDOWN DUE TO COVID-19 GENERAL INFO Q. When did the DOBOR closure go into effect? A. March 18, 2020. Q. Can I use the boat ramp or take my boat out during the shutdown? A. Yes. If you have access to your...
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    Transom mounted transducer help

    Thanks , I will look into that.