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    Lake Skinner advice

    No fishing advice but... Maybe 8-9 years ago I was camping there in late November, weather was cold and hardly anyone there. The coyotes moved in around sunset and even a mountain lion walked through one evening !!!! It was cool to see but I'm glad I didn't have kids or pets with me :eek:
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    Oceanside 95 2.5 day. 10/22-25 2 open spots

    Bump for a good group, I have fished with this group several times. Big tailgate party in the parking lot (there is always ample parking too) before boarding, spacious deck with tons of room for your gear. Food has always been good and generally do pretty well on the fishing. I have to work...
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    St. Crotch, USVI

    Stuart Loveland had these made many years ago.
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    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Pardon my bluntness but YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT :-) Okay I apologize but that was my first reaction. NO! Don't do it. I have been out there in a 24 WAC with PLENTY of fuel and realized it was a mistake (the second time). An 18 CC? Not me brother, you must have some BIG hairy balls :oops:
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    St. Crotch, USVI

    I lived there in the 90’s, St Thomas actually. There is a reason the VIGFC holds it’s annual wahoo tournament in November, they are thick this time of year 😎 As for YFT when I was there (over20 years ago) I never saw or heard of one over 85 pounds, now there are cows ??? Climate change? Oh...
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    Van / RV insurance ?

    Thank you I will look in to that.
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    For Sale Very clean Phenix/ 'gosa popping set up

    Bumpity bumpity bump. Around all weekend, have Monday off.
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    Van / RV insurance ?

    Really? Crickets? Nobody here has an insured RV ????? C'mon fellas, help a guy out :confused:
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    1.5 Light Load Tomahawk Tonight

    Stupid job :mad:
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    Hand held GPS recommendations?

    So for a long time I have thought about buying a hand held GPS just to toss into my bag and have for emergencies when fishing friends boats. Also I thought it would be fun (and a bit crafty) to track the voyage of party boats I fish :cool: Then weekend before last I found myself adrift on a...
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    What reel to use with this rod
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    What reel to use with this rod

    Another vote for FTH25N or 30 LD2. Can't go wrong. I also have and love a Daiwa Saltist STTLD40-2SPD but I think the price point is little higher and it's harder to find a used one. Go with the Fathom.
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    Van / RV insurance ?

    A few years back I bought a 1994 dodge conversion van and added it to my existing AAA auto insurance policy. Then I made a camper out of it. It does not have running water but it does have a propane camp stove, a propane heater, solar panels and shore power with an inverter/ charger and a...