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    Considering Kayak Purchase

    Just remember that there are only three really good spots to fish a kayak locally; La Jolla, La Jolla and La Jolla. 🙄
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    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    Learned something fantastic last night, Five Star has after hours self- service drop off! I did not know this but it's totally awesome :-) Came in around 8PM last night after fishing Liberty all day, no processors at the dock. Really didn't want to f around with fish after the long day...
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    Havasu striper derby

    Damn... I thought it said stripper 🙄
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    Recommendations for SD overnight or 1.5, May 26-30.

    That is a Holiday weekend, book whatever’s available NOW 😉
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    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    It really comes down to how you view the overall hobby of sportfishing :D For some it's all inclusive, everything form servicing your own reels to making your own wind-ons and re-rigging all factory rigged tackle, so yea for those guys processing fish is part of the fun. For others the...
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    Sardine sinker rig for larger BFT?

    The sinker rig is pretty popular so far this season, my problem with it is trying to impale a sardine with a hook worthy of a 60-120 lb BFT and then actually expecting him to live, much less swim :rolleyes: No one is going to take the time to bridle a bait on a sportboat so I'm wondering if...
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    30# Inexpensive 6 or 7' Rod

    West Marine (I know, I know...) has a lot of inexpensive Penn combo's and so does Bass Pro.
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    Opinions on the o side 95?

    Location, location, location... The SCI comment is right on but if the fish are South it's a loong ride. On the upside it has a HUGE deck, you can bring your lounge chair and play a little basketball if you like :D I normally fish it 2-3 times per year with a charter group but missed out this...
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    Finally decided on boat name...

    Half of the blow boats in the Caribbean are named Star Chaser or Sun Something nobody cares 🙄
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    If you get to the landing tonight missing rods/rod socks

    Ouch :( Oh man say it ain't so :oops:
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    Can you tell fluorocarbon from nylon monofilament ?

    I have always wondered if there is a way to tell fluoro from regular mono, maybe some trick with light or involving submersion in water? Sometimes I pull out a jig or something I rigged two years ago and can't for the life of me remember how I rigged it, hate to throw away perfectly good fluoro...
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    Hollow Core Braid and Wind on Leaders

    It might matter what you intend to do with the 60 which I assume is a FTH60ld2. There is a recent thread that claims solid braid has less drag in the water and is therefore better for jigging, flat fall fishing. It’s fun to learn how to splice hollow core but it’s not necessary for you to use...
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    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I would totally be up for that but I’ll be on the Grande all day 😎