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    Tuesday 7/30

    Good going Pat good to see you blooding the deck keep up the great work captain
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    Ono Run 08-18-18

    Nice going Captain great job
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    Waianae 8/12/18

    Awesome job captain nice catch
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    Pau Hana Quickie

    good going captain
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    Jordon's 2nd to last trip

    Awesome job nice fish
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    Kai'Nana had FUN.

    Dam good going Pat, I have been extremely sick this past 9 days do completely out of the loop, really good to see you killing it out there sounds like the tuna is still hanging around I may give it a shot next Monday or Tuesday Ill give you a call later:) congrats on you and your crew excellent...
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    Waianae 6/20/18, a first for me....

    Good going captain
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    Good going Captain Pat Ill be out on Sunday hope to see you out there
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    Rubbish carnage

    Awesome going captain $$$$ nice catch
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    Waianae 6/11/2018

    Awesome job Captain nice going on your tuna Aloha Spens
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    No more monkey

    Nice going Captain blood in the box Aloha Spens
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    Waianae - June 7, 2018 “Birthday Run”

    Awesome job Captain keep loading em up Aloha Spens
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    Bloody Saturday

    Dam good going Captain John epic day hope to see you soon keep on loading em up Aloha Spens
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    Friday 6/8/18

    Awesome Job Captain Pat nice tuna's keep loading em up captain Aloha Spens
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    Only 2 trips in May hope to hit it harder in June LOL

    Aloha Captain Russ, my aloha to you and your family:) Mahalo for the congrats I hope we all have a great season this year see you in da water captain Spens