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    Friday westside

    My favorite kamnu
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June 2020 wrap-up.

    Are they having the Kona torneys
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    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Nice so busy working no time to fish lol
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    Kaneohe 6/15

    Nice job on the 50
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    Westside Ahi 6/22

    Wow in and out not bad
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    Go best to what works

    Love the 40bfathom
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    Waianae - 6/01/2020

    Oh boy aku bone!
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    Saturday 5/30 Waianae

    Love fishing haleiwa good going
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    May 16th Birthday Ahi!

    Good going and happy birthday!
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    Smoked hebi is amazing
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    Trolling ledge for ahi

    We got our biggest ahi last year dragging a 3 inch lure on the 40 ftm in a aku pile 180 gh lol
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    Good job!
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    I fish a part-time commercial fisherman. That fish fed a lot of people for FREE. What's more insulting is that stores were still selling fish at 20.00 a lb.