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    46 pound YT for my future wife off La Jolla Kelp-Twilight Trip

    Happy ass future wife if he can hold that big of a fish with 1 finger.
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    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Don't forget that you have to be a complete [email protected]$k and have no fear of running over us private boaters. Oh yeah, and have a sense of intitalment that you own the entire ocean. If you don't have those things forget the profession. Lol
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    Mako or baby GW

    Completely a mako like my buddy here.
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    Does your back hurt after a day of fishing? Check this out!

    Why do they always test on flat water? Put them between cat and the mainland headed back to mdr around 2pm and seen how comfortable it is.
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    2015 SoCal West Coast Wahoo Challenge - Team & Boat Ho list

    My boat is slipped in San Pedro. If we can weigh in at Dana or Newport I think we can probably do this. Is that going to be possible? If so how do you want me to get you the buy in?
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    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    Is this still only out of San Diego? Or can the boats up north play too?
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    Whoo Late / Short Report

    Boy are you married or dating? You know, that's the smallest whoo I've ever seen. That hot number can't be more than 100 lbs next to it. . Lol. Nice catch !
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    Offshore Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Great job with the determination and getting that whoo
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    Offshore Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    Absolutely unbelievable!! Way to go. Wow!!
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    malihini bigeye