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    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    I agree, but if you are in a pinch, I highly recommend the RP Knot. I have tried them all, and the RP is unbelievably quick, easy, and has not failed me once. Very smooth through the guides as well.
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    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    God I was hoping that loose dock line would get spun up in his prop.
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    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    Well, there's your problem. You are the worst kind of "Fisherman". Maybe pursue a pastime with more guarantees.
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    Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    Anyone who has not caught a "Local" Albacore, has no right to call anyone else an "El Nino Fisherman"..... Ever. Fucking kids these days. #prostaff
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    Best iPhone App for marine weather?

    Wind Alert Windy App
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    Insurance Rates

    Just be glad you don't run a sportfishing operation. Everybody's rates went way up this year due to the loss record. Hopefully this year will see fewer mishaps, and we can get rates back on track.
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    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    "Short boils." My monthly visit to BD is over. Thanks!
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    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    Pushed back to the 20th.
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    Go Chargers...

    Go CHARGERS!!!
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    Baja's sportfishing fleet got clobbered leaving most singing their own rendition of "Ave Maria!"

    Uh, that first pic looks more like 2 14# yellows, and a 12# BLUEFIN......
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    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Just got off The Condor on sun. The YFT's were spitting up what I believe were TINY Sardines(1.5"). They were NOT Sauries.
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    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    How fucking dense can some members on here be???!!! LOL.... Keep 'em coming idiots!!!
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    The Duck Bite

    That is one STOUT bass!!! What a glutton!!