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    Portlock Mahi 10/9

    Mark, nice mahi. Is that one from the batch you made?
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    Snapper Spit The Hook!

    Mudshark. Lol. Good going getting the bites
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    Pat and Mike, perfect way to break in the new gear. Looks like it works well
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    Hi Kai- 10/01/2020

    Productive short run, can't beat that
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2020 wrap-up.

    Capt Jeff, surely not the reports that we're used to but hoping you'll keep posting something every month
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    Pat, thanks for another great day on the water. And it was the right calculated call to go out and chase the dream. Next time i need to keep my phone up in the tower so i can get some action pics of you working the bloody deck.
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    Is the South coast good for trolling Pelagics? (Oahu)

    Although the west can be productive, if you are looking in terms of "where it's at", gotta say kaneohe or haleiwa has to be more productive. Of course it comes at a cost, not talking about slip fees, but sea conditions. I'm sure others will chime in, just my 2 cents
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    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    Damn that sucks. It's a small island, hopefully they get what they deserve
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    Oahu Ulua Fishing

    Check out Moonfish on YouTube or Scuba Chris on BD. I'm sure there are lots of others but if you dig through their vids, I'm sure you'll find what you need to know about Hawaii waters. Don't forget to post your catches
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    New to Oahu - Small Boat Fishing

    Check out KC lures, SH bite, Morris or Tsutumo. Local fishermen who catch and know what works
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    Stolen Vintage VT lure...

    You're asking for trouble. Looks great, don't let the thieves take em
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    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing something some of us have never seen
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    Trolling help newbie

    Unless i get intel from other fishermen i just go out hunting. But more importantly, go out as often as is within your means. Gotta put that time on the water in order to have a shot at landing something. Unfortunately i been sitting on the couch for the past 3 weeks so you can guess my chances.
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    HK and meeting Russel

    Besides launching from a pile of rocks, sounds like a great day. Good going on a nice scissor lip guy
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    This is the post I've been waiting for. Glad you got the right stuff Sunday