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    WTB- Yamaha 250 4 Stroke Outboards (Pair)

    Check Facebook. There is a trip set of F300s digital that the guy is willing to split the R&L 25” pair from the center 30”. I believe he wants $12k each motor
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    Clipperton atoll trip question.

    I’m glad I knocked this off my bucket list 15 yrs ago. Definitely a once in a lifetime trip. Walked the atoll, snorkeled and took the jackpot fish....
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    WTB WTB TRAILER for 26’

    27 galv trailer in San Diego in auction at the moment. Looks like an ez loader. Not sure on capacity. A few days left in auction
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    WTB 30 - 32' Offshore Fishing Boat- 2004 or newer
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    WTB Looking for a mid-80's Whaler Outrage 21/22

    There is a 21 Justice in auction here in so cal. A few days left but it’s at $17.1k currently......
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    WTB Looking for a mid-80's Whaler Outrage 21/22

    This one is mine
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    tips on towing PWC'S

    We just drive them over and back. Easiest way to do it. Please it keeps the kids busy for the run over and home....
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    WTB Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    Usually auctions run for a duration of 7 days +/-. I’ll let you know when Other auctions that have 25” higher hp motors start so you can decide. Those motors in auction ended some time ago.
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    Patching pinhole in hull

    Typically guys with aluminum boats unpainted bottoms in saltwater don’t use carpeted bunks due to corrosion. Plastic sliders on wood. Ideally an aluminum patch from inside is best. Bring a few toilet bowl wax rings in case the hole opens up and you can stuff the ring in there. Cheap $3...
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    Anyone need a Yamaha F115. One in auction currently in Gulf.

    Auction ends in several days. Appears to be a 20” shaft length model Has been sitting a bit and will need full fuel system cleaning. Unknown hours. Comes with stainless prop. I can proxy bid if you want to get it.
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    WTB: Towable tube toy
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    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    Service life powder coat in salt is 7-10yrs. High quality LP is about the same.
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    WTB Boston Whaler Conquest

    You may want to broaden your shortlist of boats to include the 30/33 Grady White and Pursuit lines. They have Yamaha power. Hard to find newer Whalers with Yamaha power since Brunswick owns both Whaler and Mercury, among others.....
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    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    I’m sure that the $12k estimate included a considerable amount of labor to de-rig the seating and console, deck removal, new tank and plumbing, potentially rewire since everything is apart and out of the boat. How much labor was in that $12k? My guess 50+ hours.....