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    Not really stainless

    I noticed a bunch of rust stains in my bilge and on my fuel tank which obviously is not expected on a aluminum boat. Quickly found the “stainless’ steel hose clamps were the culprit. All of the screws had some rust and some were heavily rusted, they all stuck hard to a magnet. I searched...
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    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    I don't know if I am any wiser but I know I am a hell of a lot lazier.
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    Stay tuned...

    Put a gopro on and put this on youtube, I am sure Swede would love to edit the vid's for you. Would love to watch the conversion although the demo would have been one of the better episodes.
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    New Trailer

    If you master making a clicking sound with your tongue then you can leave the torque wrench at home.
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    New Trailer

    Hopefully the Vortex are better. I had a Vault fail on me after two years into my supposed 5 year no maintenance.
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    Did anyone shrimp in the straits today? Would love to hear how the water was.
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    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    Cool fish, nothing wrong with netting, measuring and taking a pic of a big ling before sending her on her way. Salmon is different story. I would however recommend avoid giving out locations of your honey hole.
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    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Agreed, I will use my kicker to keep me moving when the current goes slack. You back troll to keep your line strait, if it is too much of an angle you have a tough time staying near the bottom and snag a lot more. The commercials troll their jigs.
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    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Live bait is your best shot, fishing with hundreds of neighbors is a pretty low odds ling fishery unless you are 40 miles offshore. There are guides that pull fish out of Possession but they have hundreds of tiny spots marked they have found over the years. If your highest priority is close to...
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    9.9 on my 28 duck, it does fine salmon trolling and back trolling for hali. The HP is not as much a problem as is the corner mount for getting the boat turned against a strong cross wind. I do wish I had more amps out of the alternator. When I am running all the electronics, heater and bait...
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    You sure sound whiny demanding people on this board answer a question that doesn't help anyone other than to somehow let you assign the appropriate amount of blame. If you really cared you would spend 30 seconds on google and get the answer yourself.
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    Saltwater 150# Butt; landed, measured, released

    Pretty awesome. It’s too bad that they will likely end up on a tribal line. I would be ok with an upper slot limit mostly because I never catch monsters on the ocean. Slot limits would need to apply to commercials as well to make any sense.
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    Fuel issues last week and towed in

    I had a similar problem 10 years ago on a tuna run after a new engine was installed and new larger fuel line run to the tank. The difference in my scenario was my pickup tube was a half inch too long so had pressure from hitting the bottom of the tank which caused the pickup tube to deform a...
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    Stay tuned...

    That’s gonna be a big girl. Are your trailer days over?
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    Which forecast do you rely on?

    I heard today was not terrible. Anybody see a forecast that made today look decent? Unfortunately driving three hours is too far for me to take a look. The last two weeks of forecasts have been pretty off.