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    Saltwater Quick report for guys going Wednesday

    Thanks for the report. That is a tough one, I tend to stay put if I have been catching and it shuts off unless I hear reasons to move, that’s why I call my boat the Grinder. All three of my trips have had long dead afternoons that went hot after 3:00. it may have been better somewhere else...
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    Saltwater WP tuna 9/21

    Nice work! Did you try trolling any swim baits slower? It is weird that the troll bite slows down at the end of the season.
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    Saltwater Westport tuna rookie Sat 9/17

    Nice write up and great first trip. I am sure you are glad you only caught ten once you got to carking.
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    Saltwater Tuna Safari Wednesday!

    What did you catch the first time?
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    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-15-22

    Kurt even suggested we hit lings first since we only catch afternoon tuna.
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    Saltwater And...another bait tank question

    if your bait aren’t dying then I would not give it a second thought. did you fish yesterday? We saw a nice walk around Farrallon fishing near us which pulled in right after us In the dark.
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    Saltwater Kodak's Tuna Trip Wednesday

    I know Greg went as he stopped to say hi before launching in the dark. We were off to get ice so not sure where he ran.
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    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9-15-22

    Fished tuna out of Westport yesterday. We ran to 38/00 and started fishing with a group of commies in great looking water. We trolled south and ended up with 4 troll fish by 10:00 but no takers on bait. Then nothing happened till almost 4:00. We came back North and ended up with a bunch of...
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    Saltwater WP Tuna 9/9

    Good luck! We are headed Wednesday. Let me know where you leave them.
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    Saltwater Anyone else getting stoked for MA10?

    Sunday started much slower for us too, we did not get our first fish till 9:30 but it was a nice one, guessing 10-12lbs. We thought it had to be a king. We got an 8lber Saturday so there are a few nice fish out.
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    Saltwater Coho @ Westport

    15lb Ho is pretty impressive. Bigger than most our PS kings this year.
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    Saltwater Anyone else getting stoked for MA10?

    Probably my last king day with @bdrlgion It was a good season with some hot days and some slow days but overall fairly consistent. I though last year was faster action. We did manage to get a keeper chinook every trip although some of them were not big fish. Today we thought the streak was...
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    Saltwater Tuna Westport 8/21 and 8/22

    Nicely done. We fished the green water strait past the rockfish closure and picked up 24 yesterday. We made it to the 20 line before we started back. Nothing was willing to play till after 11:30, then we got somewhat regular troll fish and an occasional bait fish. Should have slept in or...
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    Tuna 8/20

    Where did you find em? Heading out tomorrow.
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    Best Ways to Cook Salmon=Some Options

    Poke is one of the best and guaranteed not to be over cooked.