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    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    not the right forecast for where they will likely be fishing
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    Tuna all over 10/4-10/8

    probably guys dropping off lobster bait ha ha
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    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    what is so great about albies? i will take bonita over a albacore. i think it is funny when there are 200 lb bluefin down south but still some people down there wish the albies were back. i say keep the bluefin and who cares where those delicate , long fin, troll fish have gone
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    "THE CORNER" bait market

    so you saw breezing tuna at the corner or just bait? I am a little bit confused
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    Salt creek 5-5

    I was just giving you some crap, glad you found someone to go get bit with. Man I am just glad I have a smaller boat that I can afford to go solo in, relying on other people to go so you can get out would be frustrating sorry I busted your balls $900 fuel bill would suck solo for sure. If you...
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    Salt creek 5-5

    He wants to take divers, fisherman ext. he has other motives. Bait money? He will be shelling out hush money after that trip. if you have been fishing for 20+ years and have no circle of friends and a 27' boat?????? Ever fished a rubber covered mackerel?That is his first question when you get...
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    Salt creek 5-5

    this guy is posting on all the sites trying to get people to go with him on his 27 grady white. I think if you go on this boat you will only catch a trouser trout in the starfish .For sure the guy is tooling for anus
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    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    i have had epic fishing there in the recent years on some quality bass. I made some fish tacos with one on the boat, if i see you out there i will be sure to hook you up with a calico taco. Super good
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    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Why? it is not like there is a huge shortage of them
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    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    I think taking a look at that zone was a very smart call, I am just bummed you didnt slam one, but you will
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    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    there is a band of warm water south just look and see for yourself
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    Monday, February 26, 2017: Secrets Come Out in 70 ft of Water.

    so you are a few years late on the report? Or are you are still slamming fish there?
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    Navionics gold isa and northern bahamas

    MSD/1xg 259870 $50 will throw in a lowrance elite4 for another $25 display only
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    Navionics gold isa and northern bahamas

    MSD/1xg 259870 $50 will throw in a lowrance elite 4 for $25 more. have a furuno fcv667 older one with cable for $25