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    Spot open on the New Loann!

    1 spot still open for the New Loann 2.5 day leaving tonight at 8! Go to Point Loma Sportfishing for details!
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    Would love any info you can give me regarding fishing NZ during those times and if you have any...

    Would love any info you can give me regarding fishing NZ during those times and if you have any open space for one angler.
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    Hi Aliboy, I saw your post of fishing NZ and I happen to be planning a trip there in January or...

    Hi Aliboy, I saw your post of fishing NZ and I happen to be planning a trip there in January or February. I love to fish and have caught 120 kilo tuna and kingfish (yellowtail) to 20kilos. I would really like a shot if space is available on your boat (but I'm not rich enough to charter the...
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    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    Nice stuff Mark, I have always wanted to fish a Barking Spiders trip, schedule has never lined up. A question: what varnish are you using on your plugs? I am looking to build some stuff using wood for the first time in my life. My first Albacore came off a cedar plug back in the mid 90s. They...
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    Holy Sh*t that's a lot of kayaks in the background! Beautiful catch man.
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    Texas fishing... too easy

    Hell Yeah! I've been meaning to throw iron on bull reds but work and timing has not worked out yet. I've caught plenty of reds on bait, but it would be awesome to stick one on a surface plug. If you need a fishing wingman with San Diego jig stick gear, let me know! Dave
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    doing research would like your help

    I fished nearly all the aforementioned boats and you can't really make a bad choice as they are all great operations (I never fished the Vagabond but have wanted to fish it for nearly 20 years, gotta pull that trigger. Mick Lacky is a legendary captain). best bet is to go June through Sept, any...
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Pretty much its the credit card company that ate the fee of paying by credit card. In my business, I am having a similar problem with credit cards charging extra upon the customer. I (as I am sure the landing is) happy to refund money that was transacted, but the credit card company is a 3rd...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Just read this for the first time, as others have said: AWESOME writing. Looking forward to your next piece and hopefully a coveted Cow to add and write about. Don't scrimp on that rail time (I know you won't), I will attest as a one time noob myself. Craig, please do the world a favor and add...
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    Difference between San Diego and Houston fishing

    Lots of great inshore fishing in the Houston area and surrounding cities. offshore seems to be great from the reports I read but I personally have not experienced it yet, but those trips report yellowfin to 150lbs on 3 day long excursions. The weather is WAY WAY WAY different, get really...
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    Want to trade Texas trip for California trip!

    Awesome offer! I'm from So Cal and fished extensively for just about everything and then lived in Austin TX for 3 years and am moving back to start a business. I have yet to fish the boats out of Galveston/Corpus but have always wanted to. I'll send you a PM, any questions about fishing SD and...
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    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Now thats a report!!! Thanks for posting it. Great writing and photos. You did number on those hoos, very notable to get 100 of them in day so thats awesome!
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    tale of three lost fish at Hurricane

    Years ago I data mined the LR forum for info on fishing cows, for the rod and reel set up I went into cow fishing with the "minimum standard gear" mindset so I could handle a cow and be "Sporty" and have fun fighting the fish. After my first trip, I landed three cows (213, 220, 225) and a 185lb...
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    Gear for my Oct. 10 Day

    Would def add the 50lb outfit. If you start running into fish 40-80lbs consistently, you're gonna be using the heck out of it.
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    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    UPDATE: said friend with me was on his first cow trip and didn't get one. I got my 4th. He went this year on the braid 15 day (I couldn't go) and got 1 of the 4 cows landed on what Randy described as "top 5 toughest trips in my career." Goes to show...put in that time and fish hard. Cows do happen.