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    Tommy Gomes has a new TV show coming up

    It should have been called - "FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH" :rofl: Great guy.. looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for sharing..
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    Getting rocked?

    There are a lot of BSB on the pipe.. we've caught 5-6 several times. They don't know their hooked.. they do a steady pull.. not like ripping runs like YT. Bring heaver gear next time.. lots of fun!
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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    Just saw this.. Newport OC Sheriff/Harbor Patrol.. I believe rents over nights slips
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    Offshore She ain't singing' yet!

    Thanks for the report
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

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    Offshore Game Changer 450???

    Great catch.. Game Changer is a great operation out of San Diego!
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    Offshore O95 2.5 Day

    Congrats.. great Capt, crew, & boat
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    Calstar Eye Repair

    The eye of my favorite calstar jig stick popped out, and was heading out the next morning.. I found the eye, put a dab of JB Weld on each side on the guide.. secured it with blue painters tape, and crossed my fingers. Worked for several years, until I got around to replacing several guides on it...
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    Seal Proof Bait Cages - Fail

    dropping traps is in art.. first crawl can do well.. and re-sitting traps through out the night in different depths/locations help.. look for structure on your up & down.. carry the max amount of traps per angler helps.. the best time to hoop is when it's a small craft advisory.. you can drop...
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    2020 Surf Fish Season Pics - PB-MB-TP and IB

    Good bean season for ya bud.. nice work!