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  • Good afternoon, I'm emailing you because I think you know the resale value of this tackle. I think there's around 60 deep divers, I'm thinking $5.00 each and with the box would total $400.00. Do you think that's fair. I also have some salt and fresh water rods and reels. Maybe if you live nearby you can come take a look at what I have. Time to downsize. Thanks, mrkrabs
    hi, do you have the phenix rail rods still? I am looking for a 60-130 rod to pair with a Pen fathom 40
    my number is 619-972-7209
    thanks, dennis
    I have what the guy I got it from said was a Truline 89 it’s a 8’ 9” jig stick I never peeled the handle to see what it says if you are interested I could peel it and send pictures thanks
    Hey Mike! Long time no talk to! Hope all is well. Please call me when you get a chance 619 920 7310. I would like to talk to you about that lead. Thank you!
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