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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    My new Jeff Foxworthy joke; You might be a liberal if - you wear a face mask driving in your car alone...................... New Virus pickup line in a grocery stor (or anywhere) nice mask!
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    Charkbait store....

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    Charkbait store....

    I am on their email list, so like Veterans day for instance, I get an email, I believe 30% off. Been awhile since I took advantage, I hope this is correct!
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    Charkbait store....

    Left San Diego when I retired, still shop Charkbait via mail all the way to Key West!! They have great "specials" for Vets and of course I have an account with them.
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    Brady throwing to Gronk again? Oh mu goodness!!

    Plus they are keeping their current #1 TE O. J. Howard.
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    Brady throwing to Gronk again? Oh mu goodness!!

    Brady told the team (Tampa) it was a package deal all along. Ya think Gronk needs to put on some weight or will he be a bigger threat a little lighter?
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    Brady throwing to Gronk again? Oh mu goodness!!

    Still a Pats fan here - this should be interesting :)
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Makaira 20II SEa Ruger AR-556
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    Fishing is now cancelled

    I am fishing tomorrow, there are a number of Public boat ramps open here, the ramps ARE closed to "visitors" if you can fathom that. My boat, truck, trailer, & driver's license are all registered in Monroe County so I guess if some cop is so bored that my parked truck/trailer gets checked, well...
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    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    "San Diego tuna jigging charters" - that's a good 1 Carl!!
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    Fishing or not during covid-19?

    I'm fishin!!!! I support of all my brother's during this current crisis, I am givin up my best fishin numbers - they are right here! Don't share them with anyone!!
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    BD Stickers/Merch

    Jason is a homo...................
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    rofl - there is no line!!