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    For Sale Calstar 100 j graphite

    I have a Calstar 100 j that is cut down to 9’7 1 inch off the butt and 4 inches off the tip Wrapped at Squidco with Fuji MNSG guides $350 firm (858)699-7598
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    SP LBC 7/30/20

    Good luck out there
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    I had nothing to do

    And on my refrigerator
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    BFT NW 230 6/25

    That is very impressive Congratulations on a great trip
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    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    It’s really random with the parking but currently the lot is full I did get lucky with front row parking though
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    The next fish fry is canceled

    Do to this whole pandemic thing I will not be doing a fish fry for this quarter. It was supposed to be on 6-13-20 but that is not going to happen. Instead the next fish fry will be 9-12-20 I will be cooking fish down at the tourmaline surf park from 11-3 All you need to do is show up and eat as...
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    Big thanks to all

    Great to hear Good luck out there
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    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    I’m still searching for mine But I’ll ask everybody this though . How long did it take you to catch a Opah ? It took me about 3 years of offshore fishing before I got very lucky
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    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Bummer But I would like to sign up for next year So count me in for one please
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    Shogun 3-Day May 15-18th

    Bummer about your trip getting canceled Maybe next time
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    43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Very nice photos and report , thank you Congratulations on a great trip
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    Quick report 5/9

    Very nice Thanks for the report