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    SOLD Pro gear 255/251/545/541

    I have a 541,545,pg2000,pg2500 and a Yellow tail special in great shape if you’re still looking. All serviced by Kens Custom reels.
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    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    Very Cool. One of sickest things I’ve seen on a boat in a long time.
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    SOLD Shed Rubbermaid 7x7x8 $100

    I'll take it. 2nd in line.
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    SOLD Albackore Reel case

    I'll take it you ship to Oceanside. Let me know.
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    Shamano tld30 2 speed needs repair

    Look up Kens custom reels in Oceanside.
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    SOLD Albackore backpack and reel bag

    I'll take the reel bag if you ship. I'm in Oceanside. Let me Know. Thanks
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    WTB Pro Gear Wahoo or YTS

    I have a silver YTS in awesome condition. Let me know.
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    4.5 Day on the SA80 10/17-10/22

    Blue fin round up note was removed from trip and it doesn't seem like they had any success with blue fin all year according to their fish counts. I'm out.
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    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks.
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    eBay 15% off

    HXW Raptor $436.04
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    eBay 15% off everything

    Thanks. Picked up a HXW Raptor.