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    For Sale Bait tank fiberglass 55 gal Pacific Edge

    I bought a bait tank from John a few years ago.. still works great and a solid guy
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    WTB Simrad NSE 8 bracket/knobs

    Not sure if you plan on removing it after each trip but I just bought stainless pan heads from the hardware store for my install
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    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Great build..... subscribed
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    Adjusting setting to read deep for rock fish

    The higher the freq say 200k the more focused/detailed the resolution. The lower say 83k the broader less detailed. I believe your total scan ducer may be you limiting factor... as the saying goes. U get what u pay for. If rock fishing is your target you may want to invest in a ducer that can...
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    Thursday 11/12

    That’s the way to do it. Any size to the yft?
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    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Baddass! Luv that your already marking fish!!!
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    There is always two sides to the story... both of which are in question. Need more details.. I have been partners in a boat. And it never is 50/50... your post suggest your looking for legal advise but guess what lawyers and legal jargon never equate to reality.
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    Tomahawk kite fishing

    Does one rotation matter vs the other? Sounds to me like you still have a 1 in x amount of anglers chance..... good luck
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    10/29- Epic BFT trip on the Pacifica

    Hard to tell from the vid. Did that fish in the 2nd vid have a tag? Maybe it was one of Ali’s catch and release fish ????
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    Full day aboard the San Diego , gear check

    Are you heading out Sunday on the San Diego? If so I will be aboard with some family and I’m more than willing to help u... my guess is we will be in small yellow tail, dorodo, and small yellow fin area... no need for the big guns. 20,25,30 flouro tops... honestly I don’t know how much I will...
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    SOLD Offshore 45gal Tank

    Thank you. I just sent him the link...
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    SOLD Offshore 45gal Tank

    What does it measure length and width? A buddy of mine is in the market. Thanx
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    Drain Ideas needed

    Post pics of your deck... and if your reading it out loud don’t use a heavy Scottish accent...
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    Radon 15 low gunnel protection

    Bitchen sled.. my thought is you are fine.. as long as your not taking it out in Katrina conditions.. regardless of what vessel your running your comfort as that captain dictate..... spend some time behind the wheel inshore and venture out further as your comfort grows. Charging in big swell...
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    Late Report 10/22 Tanner

    Great write up. Serious what kind of fuel does that defiance hold?