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    33’ Pilot house build

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    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    U have killer set ups. Do u have anything to throw iron, popper, stick baits? Let us know how u do. I’m excited and I’m not on your trip! Planned to hit Aztec on a 2 day but wifey just went under the knife. Good luck!
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    Proper tipping

    These topics are always interesting... it seems entertainment involves tipping.... why does our society deem this? As it was explained to me a “tip” means “to insure prompt service” I have know idea how true this is or not as it predates anyone who can actually prove it’s true meaning. However...
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    anyone making Mac's around the Mission Bay Jetty or close by lately ?

    Haven’t tried outside the jetty this season but I have made about 12-15 quick pieces just around the corner from the bait barge prior to leaving the bay....
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    3 day wrap up

    Gotta bust us some pics. Thanx for the trip and report
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    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    I don’t have a dog in this fight.... owning this boat for as long as you have holds weight... just listen to those above. Especially treyscool as I hope u fish this boat or many others for double your current boat ownership
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Interesting response .... the internet is an open place for bullshit... if you are referring to diplomas and what not meaning u actually earned something then I’m done with conversation. Life experience and time in grade make anyone in any trade worth their salt... I don’t mean to pick an...
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Zero..... and I don’t plan to either..your comment suggest that you have a long list of diplomas and certificates after your name when you send emails.. but if you Or anyone wants to believe that masks will save u as well as being 6 feet apart....follow as u please. I guess Darwin must of...
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    Required to appease the ignorant.... they will not protect you or anyone else... good luck. Hope you slay them
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    What masks are the smart skippers & deckhands wearing?

    If u need a mask that will protect you or anyone else. Just stay home... it’s simple
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    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    No absolute here.. the birds aren’t looking for tuna. They are looking for bait.. they could be keyed on bait without any tuna pressuring them... our local water has a ton of bait. But in the same breath predator fish like tuna push bait to the surface and the birds go nuts.... I’m no pro but...
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    Set Free

    Interesting comparison. Covid vs war deaths... I wonder how many of our great soldiers died during war time from something with zero relationship to the war itself... covid sure likes to consume any stat it can to bolster its #s...
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    Tuna 7/16

    Always on em! Solid
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    Mako 254 rebuild

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    Transom Transducer mounting Help

    My 3:1 lines up with a bunk as well... just make sure u or anyone else doesn’t which your boat up further that it sits and it shouldn’t be a problem