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    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    Oceanside harbor mouth gets sketchy. Have seen more than one boat get pushed up into the jetty, including a sailboat completely out of the water pushed up onto the rocks somehow. I also knew a guy named Tom, a rod wrapper who hoop nets a lot,(maybe some of you know him) whose boat got pushed up...
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    1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    If your 130lb braid was under tension from 250+lb fish and 30+lbs of drag, and another very large bluefin happens to hit your line??? As in, just swim into it...I'm not an engineer and don't have any data about spectra under tension, but I think it might go "ping". What if your line is being...
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    Which one of you kooks is this?

    Wow man that is amazing. Is there dye you can keep on your boat? I like that idea, even though my rig is "unsinkable"
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    Lost and found SCI

    That's amazing that you found it and dragged it back up. My old roommate dropped a borrowed setup in a lake while float tubing, and our neighbor went back next day with a snorkel and fins and retrieved it for him. Haha
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    BFT 6/26

    Hey if it ain't my buddy Justin with you! Right on guys. I still have a camper shell I bought from him years ago with "mucho take it easy" bumper sticker on it
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    Went hunting for BF and ending up PADDY HOPPING for LIMITS

    I'd take that over bluefin right now. I'd rather have YT in my freezer, too.
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    That's one for the books.

    Looked like a sea hare to me. I add tropical ones in people's aquariums when they have a hair algae problem, they mow down soft, stringy or hairy algae. The ones here get huge! If you look at them from the side they look like a rabbit hence the name "sea hare".
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    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    I use owner mutu, down to #4 and mustad j hooks for smaller stuff. I've never straightened a hook fishing live bait and I love how affordable mustad's old school hooks that we've all been using our entire lives are. And about when to switch to low gear, that totally depends on the situation...
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    FREE Portabote (folding boat)

    I have a little thing called a "portabote" sitting in my side yard that a buddy gave me a few years ago. I had intentions of setting it up to fish bays and harbors but just never got around to it, as both of my other "real" boats are constant projects in and of themselves. It's just sitting here...
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    Broadbills Exist

    Huh? Is that your motivation for keeping a mount on display? Weird.
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    11-16-19 “Liberty”

    I use the sd jam these days but I'm not gonna lie, I have NEVER had a palomar knot fail and I used it my entire life from trout to largemouth to 100lb tuna. I've been using sd jam for 5 years or so and it has also never failed me.
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    Great YFT fishing 11/15

    There were shearwaters being a pain in the ass too, but it was mostly seagulls.
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    Great YFT fishing 11/15

    Fished yesterday with my friends Taylor and JT on JT's 22' cabo. Plan was to find the bluefin and fly the kite/yummy or helium/flying fish. We brought all of our big gear and planned to stay the night at drift while fishing flatfalls, etc., too. Launched from shelter island at 4am and picked...
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    11-12-19 full day

    I was on this trip with you, had a great time. Not wfo but fish hanging consistently throughout the day. Small/weak deans made it more challenging but also more rewarding. Awesome boat, crew and food, my first time fishing the liberty and it was all around a really good experience.