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    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Victoria is headed out again tomorrow. I’m on the trip also. This will be the fourth time I’ve shared the rail with the Queen. (And Herman). She’s a great angler and always seems to be bit. I hope she gets her 400. 16/13 Red Rooster 2-7 to 2-23.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Soda, I’m looking forward to your on the water reports. No doubt you’re going to eat well on the Excel. Keep the reports coming.
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    Accurate Tern 600XN for fishing Wahoo

    I caught a couple Wahoo last month on the Tern 600XN. The reel is very fast, the bomb really hauls ass in the water. Very smooth and great drags. The negative is you loose a little power with the single speed 6:1 and the longer handle when fighting the fish. No big deal though. I love my Tern...
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    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    I’m going on the RR3 Larry Brown February trip,16/13. Then an 8 day in October. Then to finish off the year, I’m repeating the RR3 Moffat 16 day in December. After my trip of a lifetime a few weeks ago, a lot of eyes will be on me next month. The pressure is on. I may never catch another cow or...
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    We caught a dozen or so smaller tuna, 15 to 18 pounds. Also had a few tuna 40 to 150 pounds. We had a half dozen Dorado, and as many Marlin.
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    . Circle hooks. I used ringed hooks with a 3 turn uni taught to me by Bill W. Thanks Bill. They are called HD RINGED. Part # TK619HR- Also used non ringed hooks HD OFFSET. Part# TK 619H-. I used a Perfection loop knot. I know it sounds strange but Art was pretty adamant that the knot had been...
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    We left the bait receiver with a load of big bad ass sardines. We headed south to the hurricane bank. We arrived at the bank approximately 9am and started trolling around. The Independence was already there a few days in front of us and anchored up on one of the high spots. We started to catch...
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    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Thanks Jeff for the props, I’m fortunate to have made such great friends in the long range community. A trip of a lifetime for sure. All the gigantic tuna that kept coming over the rail, I was in awe. I’ll try and get a report out with all the skinny on what worked and what didn’t work. Thanks...
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    RR3 trip #21 report

    Allen, I had a great time fishing with you and the rest of the guys. Great group. Sorry about grandpa, he’d been proud of the way you fished. Seems like we were always hooked up. Thanks for all the conversations with had! Badass trip!
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    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Nice trip, thanks for the report. Props to the Searcher getting some ink!
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    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    You the man SODA POP! Keeping the sport going
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    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Hey I’m going. I can’t wait, looks like some solid fish down below. Mike I hope your going. Great food.
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    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    8 day Oct 13 16 day Nov 25 16 day Feb 8 8 day June 12 All on the Rooster