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    Livingston Build

    Coming out GREAT
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    20' Radon needs new motor

    FWIW I am running an 18 on my F150 and it is a great combo
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    20' Radon needs new motor

    I have an Armstrong bracket with a single 150 on my Radoncraft 18 and it climbs on plane very quickly and a max of 32 kts. Very efficient cruise @ 22 kts. My buddy has a Cortez 22 with a 225 and it also booogies. I think a single Yami 200 would do just fine
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    1992 Calibogie Skiff

    Sweet skiff!
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    Radoncraft 18

    I agree. It does a wide variety of things and does them all reasonably well. Easy to trailer. Easy on gas. All day offshore trip burned 30 gallons...or 10 gallons a guy. $25 per person. Ridiculous. My new tow rig has made it even nicer, been getting about 15 mpgs towing so going over the...
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    Radoncraft 18

    Got back from the sierras andwe went over to Bragg the next day for a tuna run.
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    Radoncraft 18

    Thank you Starsky! More summer fun on the pocket rocket. A week on Bullards bar sking and tubing.
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    Radoncraft 18

    Been getting a little blood on the deck as well.
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    Radoncraft 18

    Been enjoying the boat a lot this summer, and so has our dog.
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    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Looking great! Whats your gel spraying technique?
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    Searching for a RADON 26' diesel to buy

    Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the one on Yactworld referenced above.
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    Wtb-16 radoncraft

    They show up, but it will likely take a while. Good luck!