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    Hi, I have a chrome/blue single hook Tady 4/0 I could part with. I'm in San diego. Joe

    Hi, I have a chrome/blue single hook Tady 4/0 I could part with. I'm in San diego. Joe
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    50 60lb Tuna set up

    For 50# I use either an Avet JX Raptor or a Speedmaster II 12 both with 80lb MaxQuatro on either a Seeker Black Steel 6470H (more for yo yo fishing, but works for bait too) or a Calstar Grafighter 800H (live bait).... For 60 (and maybe 80) I have a Speedmaster II 16 with 100lb MaxQuatro on a...
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    Should I get a Avet sxj

    It's my go-to 15-20 lb live bait reel for anything from calicos to yellowtail to 'school size' tuna fish.... Outstanding, and plenty of drag for what I use it for......
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    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    Braid is tough to cut with dykes no matter what (in my experience)... If I was smart I'd probably use a pair of scissors for that... but I'm not, so I don't... and I seem to get by.... I've had 'no name' dykes for years and they've always worked well enough, even with using them to take fish...
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    Phenix M1 inshore Questions

    I like longer rods, but for throwing Coltsnipers you should be good to go! Also, 7'7" is by no means 'short' anyway! :)
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Just picked up a Calstar Grafighter 800H to fish 50# live bait with my Avet JX Raptor... replaces the Seeker Black Steel 6470H just because I prefer an 8' rod for throwing live bait, and the 7' for yo-yo fishing.
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    Face Mask Options

    I was on a boat 'north of San Diego' this past Friday and *almost* everyone had a mask/buff/etc... And *some* people actually wore them....
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    SOLD New black tern 400

    Hi, what's the ratio on this reel (is it the high or low speed model)?
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    Fisherman landing update!!!!!!!!! God bless America!! 5/25/20

    I'm pretty sure it's the bureaucrats in the County pulling (or not pulling?) the strings.
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    Do you think a ce mega is too parabolic for a low pro baitcaster

    I had a 900 mega wrapped last season specifically to use with a Tranx 400 to throw stickbaits and small surface irons. Didn’t get much chance to throw irons for calicos with it, but did get some YFT on stickbaits, and it worked great... Just about perfect! only problem I had was that the...
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    San Diego Area Game Processor?

    I've had a pig butchered at Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad.
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    Thawing our bluefin

    This is how I do it, and it's always good to go, even for sashimi. Sometimes If I'm in a hurry, I'll put it in a bowl of cold water for literally just ten or fifteen minutes, which seems to really speed up the process without damaging the fish.