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    WTB Shimano reels

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some reels new or almost new Talica two speeds, 10 or 12 and 20 and 50 Tranx HG 400 and 500 Trinidad 20a Send me a DM I live cypress
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    Tranx 500HG new or like new

    looking for a new or like new Tranx 500HG
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    40 feet modutect charter boat

    was this boat called the Offshore Hooker?
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    21” large round Taylor Made fenders

    I’ll take them
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    2003 Volvo AD 41p (sale pending)

    I have the same boat and setup, what are you repowering with?
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    Buddy boat San Diego offshore 7/2

    Pm sent Gotta Go will be out there between desperation and the 43
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    Cat 2/21

    Nacho was out of bait ?
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    checking IDs?
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    checking IDs?

    Does anyone know if they are checking IDs at the boat ramp at mission bay, shelter island or the other ramps near by, or stopping boats in the harbor. Don't want to drag my boat down there from HB with two of my buddies I always fish with to get a ticket or not allowed out to fish. any info...
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    Taylormade Polyfoam A3 17 inch Red round bouy

    what size white ones do you have?
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    talica 12 $400

    is the reel new
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    talica 12 $400

    how much for the Talica