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    Offshore First time Fishing 🤙🏽

    HaHa just happy to not get skunked
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    Offshore First time Fishing 🤙🏽

    Headed out with pops Sun 7:00 from MB for our first trip of this sucky ass COVID19 year. Brought my girl for her first fishing experience hoping to find something. Headed out towards the 302-371 SW of the 371 found a paddy with Dodos that wanted to play landed 4 and I farmed 4 shoulda let em run...
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    Offshore 11/15 yft and yt still here go fishing

    Awesome way to get it done in November
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    Offshore Limit of bluefin on the Tribute 1.5 days 11/11

    I was on that trip and it Awesome action all day long on Bluefin what else can we ask for. The Tribute and crew are a class act it’s our favorite boat for sure.
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    Offshore FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Thanks for all the kind words guys I haven’t stopped smiling all day since I found out he got one.
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    Offshore FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Dang I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking if my pops had been lucky enough to catch one of the jumbos on then awesome TRIBUTE which is the only party boat we fish on during the season when not on the Scorpio. He said it took 2 hours last night on the heavy gear I’m just sooo happy for him...
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    Offshore FoundEm 10/20

    Hey guys went out MB yesterday 10/20 with plans to hit the Upper 500/Hidden Bank. Found a paddy near Upper Hidden holding small YT kept 4 Skunk Off, picked up 2 skippies same area on black/purple jet head 71 degree water. Continued South saw a boat hooked up started chumming and BAM game on for...
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    Buggin on the Gail Force

    Man haven't posted since YFT fishin since October. Decided to save the work of pulling the Scorpio and cleaning so Pops,wife and me decided to jump on the Gail Force heading to Cat. Beautiful weather and flat calm seas all night. We ended up with 4 legals and alot of shorts. Was a decent night...
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    Offshore 226/302 for nothing 10/14

    Yeah I think the fat lady is ready to sing for some of us. Yesterday found a bunch of big beautiful paddies with no one home. Salvaged to trip for my buddy and son with one lone paddy dodo.
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    Offshore Close, but no stripe!

    Heck yeah even one is better than none in my book. All we got was 1 dodo and a bunch of empty paddies
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    Offshore 10/14 425-101 Almost Skunked

    I'm just happy my buddy and son got to take a memory and some fish home.