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    Columbia River Crabbing

    I did some crabbing this year down in Waldport and it was a incoming tide only fishery. Is that the same for the Columbia river fishery? It was a blast catching the crab from shore.
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    Beached Boat In Grayland

    Cool boat. Looks like a Glasply mold for the hard top. Who makes that boat?
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    Fun trip to Sekiu last week

    I have a Sprint and a Verizon phone. The Verizon works for everything and the Sprint is very limited. Sprint works when connected to Wifi and is on roaming.
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    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    How much do you have to pay someone to take that e-tec now??😂😂
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    Waldport Area Charte

    I am going to be staying in Waldport the last week of September to the first week of October. Does anyone have a charter they would recommend? River or salt I am not too picky. I'll be by myself...not sure if that would make any difference. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    1000 RDS. .40 S&W 155gr

    I'm a buyer. Not sure of the price either though.
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    Anybody missing a 9.9?

    Put wingnuts on mine with a car to boat terminal and makes for an easy disconnect but my batteries are pretty accessible. I looked at those because I live in T-Compton and get nervous about leaving the batteries in the boat much less a kicker hanging off the back. I didn't like having a...
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    Cannon Service

    Yep and they want the original sales receipt to do any warranty looks like I will be doing some troubleshooting. Thanks for the info.
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    Cannon Service

    Anyone know who does warranty service on Cannon downriggers. I used to take them to Larry on the east hill of Kent but I sounds like he retired. The switch will work to retrieve the ball but shuts off around 100'. The other downrigger works fine on the same plug. Also the down does not work on...
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    First Tuna landed in WA 2020

    What's the best way to thaw them out and how long does it take?
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Point Defiance
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Shrimp is open...
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Was down at Point Defiance walking the dog this afternoon and there was plenty of traffic at the launch...This is really gut wrenching. Besides committing a mass homicide and being called a racist is there anything we can do in protest? Really come the F on! Sounds like a bunch of people...
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    A couple pulling pots in Commencement Bay this morning.
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    Am I getting screwed?

    Looking closer at that rusted up motor makes me sicker. Tell the buyer to bring $1800 and you'll give him the motor and throw in an evinrude 15 horse to get back to the dock....